I went to Virginia

After a trip south to visit family I suppose it’s time to get back to the regularly scheduled program.

As you know, I never travel anywhere without expectations of finding something interesting for this website. Finding myself with some free time I figured I would check out some of the local truck dealers of the Richmond, Virginia area starting with an International (surprise!) dealer. I can’t say I was hoping for much but it has been my past experience that certain types of business tend to be clustered around each other. I figured if International was a strikeout there were be something else nearby. As you don’t see any Internationals in this post I’ll let you figure out how that part of the trip went. It wasn’t long until I came across Lawrence Truck and Trailer and pristine B-61 that I presume was for sale.

Taking a quick walk around the truck everything appeared to be in order. In the restored cab I found none other than two stick beast of a 20 speed Mack Quadruplex. It should go without saying that the axles and springs were heavy spec and all Mack.

It was strange to me, as a northern person, seeing road work taking place in the month of February. The orange barrels and cones usually don’t migrate back to our roads until late March at the earliest. Not to far from the B-61 a new bridge was under construction over the Interstate. A fleet of Mack Granites was busy hauling dirt from one portion of the job to the next. I didn’t plan on covering any of this action but while pulling into parking spot a nearby gas station I noticed this poor guy. No, you are not looking at a new style of side dump trailer. I’m not sure exactly why the hoist separated from the frame but it did. Maybe the load stuck? Structural failure? We will probably never know. The driver was taking it easy in the cab while someone else was near the bed working away at the load with a shovel. Talk about a long day.

I came across a few other noteworthy rigs during my stay. If you like W900’s check back tomorrow.

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