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Still Working – Single Stack Mack

The other day I was heading down I-690 when I noticed this truck in a parking lot. I had a few seconds to decide if I should exit the interstate and swing around for a picture. I went for it … Continue reading

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I went to Virginia

After a trip south to visit family I suppose it’s time to get back to the regularly scheduled program. As you know, I never travel anywhere without expectations of finding something interesting for this website. Finding myself with some free time … Continue reading

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Still Working – 1971 Diamond Reo

So what do you do when your cruising down a two lane country road and you notice a Diamond Reo sitting in a construction yard? You stop of course! This past Monday I spent most of the day travelling with … Continue reading

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Rusted Ford Truck

There is just something about an old and rusty truck in the weeds that is mesmerizing. Why is it there? Who did it once belong to? What are the specs? The list of questions can go on for days and … Continue reading

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Dirt Hauling to the Dome

I wandered back up to the Carrier Dome the other day to see if I could catch any sign of dirt being hauled in for the upcoming Monster Jam event. As you can see below there was a little action … Continue reading

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Still Working – Autocar Construcktor

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