IRT Season Five Episode 7

Despite the title of this episode being “Meltdown” we start off with Dave attempting to start his truck in minus 40 degree weather.  It should be no suprise by now that Dave encounters trouble as it appears the Carlile yard has something against him.  Today he discovers his fuel tank cap is missing which sends him to a dimension of pissed off only inhabited by Ron White.  Finding a replacement cap Dave attempts to leave the yard but once again his trailer breaks have frozen solid.  Now he is really worked up.  Those poor break drums never knew what them.  Finally, it’s time to hit the road.   Ooops, the trailer disconnects from the fifth wheel and falls off the truck.  Closer inspections revels that the 5th wheel never really locked.  Dave is humbled and blames himself.  Hours of hard work lay ahead as he has to struggle in the freezing weather to jack the the trailer up enough to reconnect to the truck.

Leaving from the same yard is Tony with 20 tons of high explosive for road building projects.  All the drivers are hoping to hit the road early as a massive storm is bearing down on the highway and Tony is no exception, especially with his hazardous load.  Despite his quick start he is soon caught in the storm.  He comes along a over-sized load that has run off the road.  The stranded driver radios for assistance with Tony turns down.  This may seem cruel but you really cant afford to chain your truck to a disabled vehicle when you have enough of explosives to level a small city.  The weather becomes so bad that Tony has to ask the camera operator to roll down the window to help keep the truck on the road.

Also at HQ is Lisa who is reviewing her disastrous heavy haul run from last week.  The decision is made to send her back to normal runs for awhile so she can regain her confidence.  She is on the verge of tears and extremely upset with entire situation.  To make things worse she is now stuck hauling a van trailer full of office supplies.

After half the season has passed we finally find Maya ready to make a solo run with a load of pipes.  Despite the harsh weather that strands Dave and Lisa at the cold foot rest stops Maya forces on and reaches Prudhoe Bay safely.  One of the few drives to do so.

And of course we have a healthy dose of Hugh and Rick as the start their return to Winnipeg.  After a week of harsh, truck and trailer destructing roads Ricks is burned out.  He complains that the roads in India were better.  When attempting to crest a small hill his truck spins out despite having chains on.  He radios Hugh for help who eventually shows up with a bulldozer.  According to the narrator the DOT leaves equipment staged along the road for just this kind of emergency.  Both are in a hurry to return home but they may not want to rush it.  Dave Horbas of First Nations Transport is not a happy owner as both Rick and Hugh have destroyed their trailers.  Returning to the yard Dave confronts Hugh who refuses to admit fault of any kind.  He blames the trailers as being junk and not worthy of the ice roads.  Dave want’s to know why the other five trucks made their runs with no damage.  Hugh does some swearing and flees the yard ending not only his employment but Rick’s as well.

More excitement to come next week!

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5 Responses to IRT Season Five Episode 7

  1. Dan says:

    Did you notice when the guy from first nations was walking back at the end and talking about his equipment wasn’t junk, there was a tractor in the background with one of the front wheels falling off?

  2. terry says:

    That Horbas is an ass.Bought Koval Transport in the 90’s which ended up closing.The guy doesn’t know shit.I see the office manager is a native named Geraldine Horbas.Boy,did he marry her to get the business?

  3. Geraldine Horbas says:


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