Men at Work

Men at Work, the phrase is more than just a title to a movie starting Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.  Some people do have to work hard each day just to earn a living.  They work in hot and dangerous conditions surrounded by large heavy equipment.  For example, the men in the video below working to chip seal a street in East Syracuse.  The crew is comprised of D.P.W workers and employees of Suit-Kote.  The public and private sector working together in harmony.  Stone is stock piled at a central location in the village and transported by D.P.W workers to job site.  This reduces the average trip time as trucks no longer have to run to the quarry after emptying their load.  The chip spreader is owned by Suit-Kote and operated by their employees removing the need for the village to maintain a specialized and season dependent piece of equipment.  The system works.

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