It’s a Dirty Job

There are plenty of specialized trucks in this big old world of ours. Each make, model and variety has its own set of fan. Some like fire trucks while other enjoy highly customized OTR Petes and Kenworths. It may surprise you that is there is group of truck fans out there that puts all others to same when it comes to the sheer amount of content they produce. I’m talking about the garbage truck aficionados. Yup, the humble garbage truck has a devoted base of fans. Take a journey over to Youtube and type in the simple phrase garbage truck and you will be greeted with hours upon hours of video. I don’t have any video..yet…to add to the fun but here are some photos.

This Freightliner Condor may have seen better days but it is still in the trenches fighting the never ending battle against trash. The Condor is now a “legacy” product in the eyes of Freightliner. Unlike other manufactures who quickly move on to new models and forgot the trucks of the past Freightliner has an entire segment of their website devoted to older models no longer in production. It’s neat and I wish other builders would do the same. You can check out the Condor page by clicking here.

Freightliner Condor – Click to Enlarge

Representing a more modern take on trash collection is this Syracuse City School District International Workstar. It hasn’t been beat to a pulp yet but give it a few years.

International Workstar Garbage Truck – Click to Enlarge

Both trucks are equipped with Pak-Mor bodies.

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