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Packers and Hackers

Take a look at this cute little truck. In a few years with the proper nutrition and exercise it might just grow up to be a full sized front loader. I spotted this truck over at the local Mack dealer … Continue reading

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At the Dealer – Mack LR with Refuse Body

I was cruising by the local Mack dealer the other day and noticed a brand new garbage truck out back. It turned out to be a brand new LR model. And to think, I almost didn’t stop. If you’re really lucky you … Continue reading

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The Garbage Trucks of CNY

The garbage truck. The humble hero of the modern world. As a society where would we be without it? I’ve often wondered if garbage men (sorry ladies) have a time of year they prefer when it comes to collection. Weather … Continue reading

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It’s a Dirty Job

There are plenty of specialized trucks in this big old world of ours. Each make, model and variety has its own set of fan. Some like fire trucks while other enjoy highly customized OTR Petes and Kenworths. It may surprise … Continue reading

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The Heil STARR

To many the truck above is just a garbage truck.  A vehcile that comes once a week to haul away your trash and occasionally wake you from your slumber.  But to the truck nuts of the world this is very … Continue reading

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