Koehring Waterous – The Product Line of the 70’s

I’m sorry but I just can’t get enough of old product promotional films from years past. Hopefully you feel the same way. Check out this gem displaying the forest harvesting products from Koehring Waterous. The lineup covers machines from the late 70’s timeframe. The video starts off to the tune of spacey music with alternating images of equipment blue prints and spinning lathe. The first piece of equipment showcased is the Short Wood Harvester, a truly impressive piece of equipment that performs the role of feller, processor and loader all in one machine. If you stick with the video until the 3:57 mark your reward will be footage of a fully loaded Autocar screaming through the “Load Alinger.” If you were feeling this video like I was your ultimate reward are shots of engineers using drafting tables to design the forest product of tomorrow. Drafting tables! Times have changed for sure.

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  1. Jeremy Rempel says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the video I have posted! It was sent in to me by Ken Harrison, a former Koehring Waterous designer. He put this video together back in ’77. He also put together lots of brochures in his time there.
    If you are into this stuff check out the “KOEHRING WATEROUS FORESTRY EQUIPMENT”page on facebook.

  2. david l sellars says:

    Hello, hope someone is still out there.

    I am looking at a Koehring 205 crawler crane/ dragline in British Columbia. I’d like to bring it to California. I’ve never dealt with importing anything before. This crane was obviously built in the 1970’s or earlier. A manual with the machine lists the serial number as 43914. It should have a brass plate on the mainframe behind the operators area. The rivet locations were found but the plate is gone. I have to find out where this crane was manufactured. Were the 205’s built in Canada as well as the US?. Does anyone have any way of tracing the serial number. Any help would be appreciated. Any good info on dealing with customs brokers would also be appreciated. Ehanks dave

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