Private vs Public

Below you see an example of a well maintained older dump truck. It happens to belong to the Town of Lysander. After staring at this truck for a few minutes I began to think about the differences between public sector (government) and private sector trucks. The White/GMC below is a good starting point. You’ll notice it is fairly plain. No fancy graphics or pin striping. No aftermarket bumpers, lights or horns. In fact, this truck doesn’t even have a displayed DOT or weight numbers. Must be a case of do as I say, not as I do. 😉

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In contrast take a look this International 9900 operating for King’s Quarry. Aluminum rims, hood visor, graphics, pin striping, beacon lights, tag axle, diamond plate storage boxes. The list is nearly endless!

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Of course these trucks are not the rule or standard when it comes to private versus public. You can find variations in either direction if you take a moment to look. At the end of the day I happen to like both!

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