Komatsu PC300LC Excavator

Today I’m dusting off another video from the early spring that never made in to the limelight. While this particular video is new, the machine featured had spent some time on this website before. Remember that Komatsu PC300LC of Economy Paving? Yeah you do. We all chuckled when it dropped that huge slab of concrete right next to the bossmans’ truck. At this stage of the game Erie Blvd had yet to be reduced to a large trench in order to repair the century old stone work running beneath the street. In this particular video the top level of pavement has been stripped and is being loaded into a dump truck. Usually the dump truck driver waits until the excavator operator signals the truck is fully loaded. A beep of the horn is the typical method of communication. In this case the driver decided he was full enough and pulled off when the Komatsu had its back turned. He was completely down the street and out of site before anyone was the wiser. Sneaky Pete.

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