At The Dealer – A Farmers Life For Me

This International WorkStar is setup with a Kuhn Knight VT180 mixer.  Don’t know what the hell that is?  Don’t feel bad, neither did I until Google saved the day.  I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  The mixer on the back is used to deliver feed material on dairy and cattle farms.  Impressive!  Did you notice that large digital display hanging by the exhaust pipe? Most likely this is used by a loader operator to display how much feed product has been loaded.  On the drivers side of the truck a smaller meter was mounted on the mirror.  Your guess is as good as mine to why it was mounted outside rather than inside the cab.  Maybe it helps the driver monitor the flow of material while keeping his eyes on the side of the truck that matters.

This is a pretty fancy truck considering it will spend life on the farm.  Must have been rather expensive.  Hard to believe an average farmer could afford such beast.

International WorkStar - Click to Enlarge

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