Last of the Snow Fighters

If this past weekend was any indication of the weather to come I believe we can safely assume old man winter is dead for the year.  And if you believe Al Gore winter just may be gone forever.  But no matter what happens with the global climate this plow truck has seen its last winter.  The Walter below and its sister once plowed for the town of Camillus, NY.  You can still find them resting behind the town garage where the spend time with an old military tow truck.  The peeling logo on the door pays homage to Camillus Cutlery, the world famous producer of knives which was located within the town limits.  Despite roots that reached back to 1876 the factory closed in 2007 for good.  Sadly, the company that produced Walter trucks followed the same path, although twenty year earlier, with production at the plant outside of Albany, NY ceasing in the early 80’s.

Best guess for the age of these trucks?  Maybe the early 70’s based on the more angular cabs and windows.

UPDATE 11/13/13

The Walter below is 1964 ACRS. Power is provided by a Cummins of uknow variety. The second truck is a 1966 AWUS model with the same 8 cylinder Cummins at the ACRS.

Walter Snow Fighter – Click to Enlarge

Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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