Late Model Macks

Trucktoberfest 2015 had its share of vintage Macks like B’s, NO’s, and AC’s but there were also a fair amount of what could be considered late model Mack Trucks in the form of Superliners, MH’s, R’s, and Cruiseliners.

Venezia brought along three pristine examples of R-models in the form of two tractors and one dump. The tractors later hit the track and put on a nice display of bulldog power.

R-Model Mack

A few non Macks snuck in the main gate like this ’96 Marmon.


With poor weather looming overhead all day I decided to do something a little different and take a walking touring through the show. Cabover fans hang tough until the end when you’ll be in heaven.

Some odds and ends.

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4 Responses to Late Model Macks

  1. Mark says:

    In the last photo, there is a military Mack in the background. Did you get a close up of it? All the shot s are great. The 6X6 plow truck is one of s kind.

  2. Mike says:

    The ’96 Marmon on this page is for sale on Just thought i’d let you know.

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