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Fine Looking Macks

I think my new video/photo spot at the ATCA Harford show paid off pretty nicely with this photo don’t you think? This great looking combo rolled in after the initial flurry of trucks arriving within minutes of each other. I … Continue reading

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The Mahan Collection

This past weekend I tagged along with the Hudson Mohawk chapter of the ATHS as they visited the Mahan Collection in Basking Ridge, NJ. Without a doubt this is one of the premiere collection of antiques trucks, heavy equipment, and … Continue reading

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Mack Trucks and NASCAR

If you plan on watching the Daytona 500 today keep your eyes peeled for a fleet of Mack trucks near the infield. Mack has been named the official hauler of NASCAR, earning a multi year contract with America’s most favorite … Continue reading

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Late Model Macks

Trucktoberfest 2015 had its share of vintage Macks like B’s, NO’s, and AC’s but there were also a fair amount of what could be considered late model Mack Trucks in the form of Superliners, MH’s, R’s, and Cruiseliners. Venezia brought along … Continue reading

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B-Models on the Loose

Quick, name the most iconic Mack Truck model. What was the name that first popped into your head? The B-Model? Of course! R-Model, Superliner and maybe, just maybe, AC would have been other accepted answers. More than a handful of B’s made … Continue reading

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I felt like I had the keys to the kingdom this past Saturday at Trucktoberfest. I was able to wander through the Mack Museum and Customer Center as if I owned the place. If a door was open I went through … Continue reading

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The Trucks of the Cardi Corporation

Macks! Macks as far as the eye can see! Ryan stopped by Cardi Corp a few weeks back and was presented with a golden opportunity to photograph their immense fleet of mixers and dump trucks. B, R, DM, CL, Granite … Continue reading

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Vintage Mack Trucks

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but in the case of these Mack Bulldogs why bother? They know all the tricks that matter. Looking cool. Working hard. Making money. I recently spotted this R-600 spreading asphalt … Continue reading

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I went to Jersey

I went to Jersey and all I got was a picture of these two Macks. I know it sounds like a bad cheap t-shirt logo but it’s true. The past week I have spent some vacation time in the the … Continue reading

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Mack in HD

Sorry everyone, this recent heat wave is keeping me away from my computer which is preventing me from accessing most of the stuff I use to update this site!  Hopefully it cools down this weekend so I can get back … Continue reading

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