Lost and Found – Brockway 359

Yesterday I was finishing a session of truck hunting when I decided to travel down one more industrial back road with the hope of finding something interesting.  At this point the haul had been somewhat disappointing but the excitement of breaking in a new camera was helping to fill the void of not grabbing any meaningful shots.  The end result of that “last” road?  A Brockway 359.  The old circle on the door and black hood scream to me that this truck was a former government vehicle.  NYSDOT or NYS Thruway maybe?  No evidence of a plow in its past.  There is even a faded and torn “Husky Town USA” bumper sticker.  Maybe at some point this truck made it to the national show in Cortland, NY?

Brockway 359 Dump Truck - Click to Enlarge

Brockway 359 Dump Truck - Click to Enlarge

Brockway 359 Dump Truck - Click to Enlarge

By the way, this street was loaded with old trucks of all kinds, stay tuned this week for more surprises.


According to sources in the know this 359 was the last Brockway in the Schyuler County fleet.  This truck is running a PT270 Cummins with a  5 x 4 transmission.

Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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4 Responses to Lost and Found – Brockway 359

  1. Ryan Pedone says:

    Now that’s a find!!! I do believe it’s a 358. The stub nose is a giveaway. I’d love to know what municipality owned it.

  2. Brocky says:

    It is a 359. The panel under the door is the give away. that one os about 12 inches high where the 358 the panel is only about 3-4 inches..With the 359 Brockway raised the cab and made the radiator larger to accomidate larger engines.

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