Lost and Found – Ford F500

When you find a product that works you stick with it. When it comes to Ford the product in question was the C-Series. Introduced in the mid 50’s the C-Series was produced in some form or another for the next 30 years. The local Roadway terminal had one in use well into early 2002. I was always amazed when I saw it on the road because I thought it was from the 60’s. Now I know it was simply the design and not the truck that was dated. The C Cab was a very popular setup for rescue and fire trucks. Swing by your local VFDs and you will probably find one still in service.

This C-Series was spotted by Andy in the Croghan, NY area. The quad headlights date this truck to be of the 50’s variety. Nice catch Andy.

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Need More C-Series Action?

Ford C-Series Fire Truck

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