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Still Working – Ford Trucks

What happened to Ford Trucks? How could such a long established player in the medium and heavy duty truck market let it a fizzle away only to be sold for the pennies on the dollars to Daimler Benz? Madness. But, … Continue reading

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C-Series Fords Never Die

Few heavy truck manufactures recouped their cab development and tooling cost like Ford Motor Company when they introduced the C-Cab styled trucks in 1957.  For over three decades Ford produced the C-Series for a variety of trucking vocations. The model … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Ford F500

When you find a product that works you stick with it. When it comes to Ford the product in question was the C-Series. Introduced in the mid 50’s the C-Series was produced in some form or another for the next … Continue reading

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