Lost and Found – White 3000 Asphalt Tanker

Time for a blast from the past. Visitors that have been with Daily Diesel Dose from the start may recall the story of this old White 3000 tanker truck. If you would like to read the unabridged story click here. For everyone else, here is the quick version. Two years ago I noticed the shadow of an old truck resting in the wooded area of an industrial no mans land. For the majority of the year the truck is hidden by tall weeds and trees. My reward for digging through the trees was a White 3000 wearing faded red paint and setup as an asphalt sprayer. A few days ago I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to repay the 3000 a visit. This time I was on foot which made access to the truck much easier.

The truck has not changed much in the two years since my original visit. The rust is still growing, the door is still missing. If anything, it has probably sunk lower into the ground. Apologies for the shaky video but the terrain around the White is anything but smooth.


Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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3 Responses to Lost and Found – White 3000 Asphalt Tanker

  1. Ed D. says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……Penn Can Road Materials maybe?

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