Mack F-700

In 1962 Mack introduced the F-Series line of cabover trucks. Production lasted for nearly 20 years when the F model line of trucks was succeeded by the MH, the final cabover produced Mack Trucks.

Here we see an extremely interesting F-700 that appears to both a tow truck and crane. Operated by Lucky Towing of the Tacoma, Washington area Zachary came across this truck in his never ending quest to see all there is in the world of refuse trucks. If you know more about this truck or have any guesses to how this setup functions let me know by leaving a comment.

Speaking of refuse trucks, here is another F-700 setup as a roll-off truck. To see more great photos like these check out

Thanks for the share Zachary!

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  1. Eric,

    So I’ll give you a little bit of background on the Lucky Mack. Harold E. LeMay owned a rather large refuse hauling company here in Western Washington. The name might be familiar to some because he also amassed the largest private car collection in the world much of which can still be seen at the family museum in Tacoma. Lucky was his nickname growing up and he owned several trucking and hauling companies locally. That color scheme was on all his trucks as they were his favorite colors and this truck served to rescue any garbage trucks that might have broke down.

    The second Mack has a rare Kuhnau continuous chain roll off hoist from the 70’s on it. The Kuhnau family was one of the first to invent the roll off truck and their unique chain system is still almost exclusively used here in the Pacific Northwest. The continuous chain system is similar to a hook lift in that the driver isn’t required to exit the cab to connect to the bin and he doesn’t require gravity to move the bin on the rails which make it great for loading on trailers or docks. They also have self locking container hooks at the back of the rails which automatically secure the bin on the rails using a spring system.

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