Mama I’m Coming Home

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Hi there folks, Uncle Sam here with Presidents Day savings that are simply TOO good to pass up! With combat operations ending in Iraq and Afghanistan my lots are overflowing with International MaxxPro Mine Resistance Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles. I have authorized my staff to let these certified pre-owned trucks go for nearly 100% off MSRP value! That’s right! 100% Normally these trucks carry a price tag of $525,000! Insane savings you can’t afford to miss! With over 6,000 to choose from let me put in the MRAP of your dreams. Your whole family can now bask in the security that is genuine Plasan Sasa armor strong enough to stop any small arms fire you may encounter on your morning commute. Seating for seven! Fuel economy and power are guaranteed by the world famous MaxxForce 10 diesel engine producing 375 HP sure to satisfy the most demanding driver. These trucks are ready for immediate sale! Fully demilitarized and ready for pickup! Folks I can’t stress enough how quickly these MaxxPros will move off the lot. Don’t delay! Stop in Today!

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Mountains of government paperwork and red tape required. Not all who apply will qualify. Delivery time after approval as long as two years. Cost to transport from military facility to buyers location not included.


MaxxPro Plus – ACT NOW!

Getting back to reality Dan sent me a link to a news clip that highlights the transformation process of the MaxxPro from military to civilian life.

In the video you heard that it took 20 gallons of diesel to make the trip from Watertown (Ft. Drum) back to Hamburg, NY, a total distance of around 223 miles. Doing the math results in a figure of 11 MPG which seems fairly decent for a 18 ton armored vehicle. If the truck had a full tank when picked up the numbers would change some but it’s a safe bet to assume it came bone dry.

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