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Am I beating a dead horse with this ATHS National Convention coverage? Hopefully not. Over the months we’ve seen plenty of cool old iron but lets take a look at some very unique pieces. A pair of Diamond-T’s caught easily stood out among the crowd.

Diamond-T Tow Truck

This 1933 311 was done up to resemble a Caterpillar service truck. Very cool. It had toolboxes full of the vintage tools you would need to work on 30’s era equipment.

Diamond-T T 311 truck

Plenty of Mack Superliners made the journey to York either as show trucks or haul rigs. Sometimes both.

Mack Superliner

Below, more random footage from around the truck registration area. Keep an eye out for a Mack that made me second guess where I was standing.

More, always more.

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