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Mack Truck Time Line

God bless the folks that bring not one truck but an entire fleet of trucks to shows like the ATHS National Convention. The Sid Kamp crew rolled into Des Moines in style bringing seven Mack trucks that reached back to … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – The Goose

There is just something about an Autocar with floats and a 6×6 configuration that looks natural. Here we see “The Goose”, a 1978 DC that has been repowered with a B-Series Cat and a 13 speed trans. Originally this truck left … Continue reading

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The R-Model

Back in the mid 60’s Mack Trucks found themselves in an interesting position regarding the future. After 13 years their B-Model line of trucks was near the end of an extremely successful existence. While the B was tried and true … Continue reading

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New Farm Equipment

Now I understand why farmers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new equipment. It’s not because they need to. It’s because they want to! Can you blame them when each load arrives on the back of a vintage semi? … Continue reading

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More From York

Am I beating a dead horse with this ATHS National Convention coverage? Hopefully not. Over the months we’ve seen plenty of cool old iron but lets take a look at some very unique pieces. A pair of Diamond-T’s caught easily stood … Continue reading

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