Not Fall Yet

The other day on Facebook my news feed was overrun with people talking about fall. Fall weather. Fall cooking. Fall clothes. Fall activities. I wanted to yell and each and everyone and tell them we still have three calendar weeks of Summer left! But then I remembered I run a website that shares photos of plows all year long and felt like a hypocrite. With that in mind, check out this mini fleet of Western Star 4700’s for the Onondaga County DOT.

Western Star 4700

Exciting! But, I must confess that each time I see a new truck at Tracey Road for the county a little bit of dread sneaks in as I realize that the very truck I’m looking at could be the replacement to one of my beloved International 2674 rigs. For posterity sake here is truck 60, a 2001 model with a Cummins N14 still rocking in the free world. I’ve been told it it recently received a full going over and is ready for at least one more winter.

International 2674

Onondaga’s neighbor to the south, Cortland County, is also getting in on the 4700 game. I caught two of their new rigs behind a local radio shop. Viking plow equipment all around with Beau-Roc dump bodies. Love that green.

Cortland County Plow

Spotted this new Mack Granite for Town of Beekman over at Beam Mack. I confess, I had to look that one up on a map. It’s way downstate.

Mack Granite Plow

Also onsite was a brand new single axle Granite in full dress for the NYSDOT. I left without taking a picture after a pair of Harrier jets made a low pass while landing at the airport directly behind the dealer . I’m easily distracted.

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