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Olde Tyme Winter

How about that weather? It’s only the end of December but already the single digit temps and the hibernation inducing wind chills are upon us. Ask the old timers out there and they will tell you this current stretch of … Continue reading

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NYS Highway and Public Works Expo 2016

Last week one evening I was standing in front of my sink washing dishes when and a thought crossed my mind. When is that show at the NYS Fairgrounds that features new snow plows? It’s sometime in the spring right? … Continue reading

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Old Internationals. New Internationals

Just in time for winter! New snow plows for the New York State Department of Transportation. Stopping by a surplus auction earlier this month I couldn’t help but grab a few shots of the new trucks lined up and waiting for … Continue reading

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Tracey Road Equipment Open House

We all know that I’m no stranger to the Tracey Road Equipment lot. Usually I’m just a casual visitor passing through but this weekend saw an open house that allowed me to get up close and personal with all types … Continue reading

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Not Fall Yet

The other day on Facebook my news feed was overrun with people talking about fall. Fall weather. Fall cooking. Fall clothes. Fall activities. I wanted to yell and each and everyone and tell them we still have three calendar weeks … Continue reading

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Pay Up

Day three of naked plow coverage continues with this double shot of International Paystars. For the moment you will have to guess which municipality owns the yellow one They yellow trucks belongs to the Town of Windsor. The blue truck … Continue reading

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You Can’t Escape Destiny – International Paystar

Another day another naked snowplow on Daily Diesel Dose. From the start this Paystar was destined to clear the snow clogged streets for the Town of Geddes. No lights no problem. One axle up front, one axle out back. I’m … Continue reading

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