October Snow Plow Update

The time is quickly approaching when monthly updates of snow plows and other plowing related activities will no longer be needed. We all know why. I’ve heard that the first snows have already fallen in the Rockies. Find your hat and mittens, it’s supposed to be a rough winter. Below are some of the trucks that will be battling it out on the front lines and a few that have retired.

I’ll start off with some Onondaga County DOT trucks that were recently sold at auction. I don’t live far from the main collection area for surplus equipment so I swung by the yard when I noticed a collection of 2674’s up for sale. Two of the trucks are of the 1996 vintage while one is a 1999. The county seal and numbers have been expertly removed so I’ve been scouring the photos to determine if the 99 model is Truck 57. Comparing the photos I don’t believe old number 57 has been sold…yet. As Joe informed us last year the county purchased 8, 2674s in 1999. Now there are only seven. All three trucks were sold for around $9,850 dollars to the same buyer. The truck below is 96 with a Cummins M11 Plus, Eaton Fuller 8LL, and 95,720 hard fought miles.


We’ve seen plenty of these Western Star 4800 AWD models in past updates but here is another one. This model seems to be the new default truck of choice when specing out a heavy duty plow rig. This one happens to heading to the Town of Otisco, NY


Speaking of Otisco they recently sold their 2003 International PayStar for a princely sum of $45,100. Out with the old. In with the new.

And here is an even older Paystar, also from Otisco, now in the employ of the Town of Camillus, NY. It seems a little odd that a large department like Camillus would grab a second hand rig from a smaller town but a deal is a deal.


In the gallery below you will find a brand new Mack heading for the Town of West Bumblestumble. No, that isn’t the actual name but I forgot the original so this will have to do. Another Mack from the Town of Verona. A NYSDOT tadem International 7600 with water tank. A International 7600 for the NYSTA awaiting its refurbished dump body. A new Western Star 4700 also for the NYSTA setup as a lowboy hauler. A Mack RD from an unknown municipality. A pristine International 2674 from the Town of Westmoreland. A well used International Paystar from the City of Syracuse and finally a 2674 from the Town of Conquest.

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5 Responses to October Snow Plow Update

  1. Jeff says:

    I would like to see more shots of that Otisco truck!

  2. Jeff says:

    The WS it’s awesome!

  3. Joe says:

    Great shots as always Eric!

    The three Onondaga County 2674 4×2’s pictured above are numbered as follows: (2) 1996’s = A100 & A101; 1999 = 38

    I took a picture of A100 when it was a year old! And I also captured this ’99 number 38’s predecessor which was a 1988 Paystar single axle back when it was auctioned. Time sure does fly by!

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