Truck 57 – Onondaga County DOT

My neck of the woods came through relatively unscathed by the storm/blizzard that will be known to future generations as Nemo. For the most part it was just a regular winter storm that brought a respectable 6 – 10 inches depending on your location relative to the NYS Thruway. If you are from the CNY area you know that the Thruway is the dividing line for all weather in this part of the world.

Anyway, grabbing photos of plow trucks is usually about being in the right place at the right time. Carrying a camera on your person 24/7 is a good idea as well. As fate would have it I arrived home Friday afternoon just as truck 57 of the Onondaga DOT crested the hill near my house. Grabbing some photos and videos required nothing more than to stand in my driveway and watching the truck cruise by. Living at the end of a plow route has its advantages as the truck is usually back within a minute or two to clean the other side of the street.

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Usually I can see the truck swing the u-turn for the return pass.

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The next morning all was clear and bright. I had just returned home when truck 57 again paid a visit to my street.

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By now the drivers must think I am stalking them but in reality I haven’t done much more than stand outside for 3 minutes all weekend. Gotta love that low hanging fruit!

Guess what, video.

*Reader Update*

Joe writes “Truck 57 is a 1999 International 2674 4×2. There are a total of eight of these in their fleet. These replaced 1988 International Paystar single axles auctioned in 1999.”

Thanks for the info Joe!

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