Old Farm Equipment

Old farm equipment might be something of a misleading title when it comes to the tractors loaders and graders seen below. Along with the trucks from yesterday these fine pieces were also up for auction due to the retirement of Weisbrod Crop Farms. There were many other pieces for sale including seeders, tilers, sprayers, and vintage tractors but I only focused on the most eye catching like this Trojan 204A.

Trojan204A Loader

According the the auctioneer of the event the owners of the farm “thought the world of this machine” and it’s easy to see why, it was in prefect shape. Not only did it look the part but it smelled the part with a aromatic mix of diesel, hydraulic fluid, grease, and earth. The smell of all earth moving equipment. This Trojan was powered by some form of Detroit most likely of a three or four cylinder variant.

Trojan204A Cab

Climbing into this machine and sitting in the cab made me think of what it would be like to sit a fighter jet cockpit. It’s small, narrow, and low in the machine. The cab door slides forward and rotates down to lock you in. Very unique and probably a real PITA to find or replace nowadays. As you can see the controls are basic. Not shown, the handle to engage the 4×4 system.

Sitting next to the Trojan was this 1954 Allis Chalmers grader. A former Village of Chittenango unit this grader is a blast form the past. Nothing about this machine was light or not overbuilt. Out back a three cylinder Detroit served as noise maker. It started with hesitation and a shot of starter fluid into the air intake. Video to follow.

Allis Chalmers Grader

For the farmers out there you’ll be shaking your head on this pair once you hear the final selling price. Like the trucks and everything else for sale these two 8760s were maintained to the highest degree with the one on the right having received a complete engine overhaul. Both sold for less than 35K a piece! A quick browse through tractor time confirms that these were the steal of the day.

John Deere 8760

One final bit of plant, as they would say across the pond, was this mint condition Badger complete with two buckets and ripping tooth. Detroit powered of course.

Badger Digger

As with the trucks I have some walk around video and start up clips. Stay tuned!

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