Old Trucks of St. Louis

You may not be aware of this but the St. Louis area is a hot bed of old trucks. Based on this thread over over at BigMackTrucks.com it seems like every day life on the streets of the Gateway City is veritable classic truck show. Seen here a just small sample of some of the vintage IH’s to be seen.

Do not adjust your screen. This R-190 is not a poorly compressed photo. The cab has modified to allow steel to run the entire length of the truck. Often times this style truck contained a hatch in the roof for the driver to enter and exit.

The Loadstar was International’s most popular and highly produced trucks. They are still commonly found across the country to this very day. Here is a fine sampling of what Missouri has to offer.

Thanks for sharing Edward!

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  1. Thomas Terrell says:

    I saw a beautifully restored R-190 at Paquette’s Farmall Museum in Leesburg, Florida many years ago. They had the windshield decorated with eyes like in the movies Cars, which my kids loved. Never knew such a truck existed before that day,

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