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Bucyrus Erie Hydrocrane

As you know I’m a daily visitor to the government surplus clearing house that is Auctions International. A few years back the Town of Tonawanda, NY was auctioning off a International Loadstar with a strange looking crane on the back. … Continue reading

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Mismatched Pair

Would you consider this pair of old trucks to be an odd couple? I don’t think most of would put a Kenworth K100 and International Loadstar in the same coolness category without a gun being held to their temple. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Back Road Binders

Check out this International KB-8 tandem axle spotted by Hayes recently in Kenosha, WI. From what we can see in the photo, red spot lights near the doors and Unit 12 markings, I’m lead to believe this was a fire … Continue reading

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International Loadstar Drill Rig

Just past the Brockway Truck Museum is a Cortland County Highway Department garage. Despite being tucked down a side road I was able to catch a glimpse of this rig parked near the front gate. On my way to the … Continue reading

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International Farm Trucks – The Video

The title says it all. Happy Easter everyone!

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International Harvester Farm Trucks

If it wasn’t for the corn husks scattered across the ground you could easily believe this photo came from the used truck portion of an IH dealer circa late 1970’s. But truth has a habit of being stranger than fiction … Continue reading

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The Brockway Trail

It happened again. I journeyed up and down the Finger Lakes wine trails of Cayuga and Seneca Lakes and spent more time looking for rusty old hulks than I did enjoying the scenic vistas. Well, that’s not entirely true but … Continue reading

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Loadstars Revisited

Back in May I brought you a pair of International Loadstars from a stretch of Madison County (NY) road. In that original post I mentioned that for a many years that there was at least one other truck that in … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Reo and International

Some of the trucks that enter the Lost and Found category of this website have the potential return to the road. Others do not. I’m going to leave it up to you to decided where these these trucks fall on … Continue reading

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You may have heard by now that come August 1st the network known as SPEED will cease to exist. In its place will be a network named Fox Sports 1. This new station is supposed to compete with the likes … Continue reading

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