On the Job – Oshkosh Mixer

I always get excited when my wife tells me she took a picture of an interesting truck. I like to think that she has fresh eyes. By that I mean she is not jaded or snobbish when it comes to taking a photo for this site. I probably would have passed up the photo she took under the belief that it was just another cement truck. Who cares right? Wrong!

photo 3

What I like about this photo the most is the guy working the truck. I would have passed simply because of that one fact but my wife will go right up to anyone and ask if she snag a photo. She still receives the same puzzled look I do but people usually smile and agree. It must have something do with her being an attractive woman?

photo 5

As for the specifics its a Oshkosh for Northern Companies, no stranger to Daily Diesel Dose.

More Northern Companies stuff.

Terex FDB4000

Mack Truck Hibernation

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