On the Job – Terex HC165

I’ve been eyeballing the boom of this Terex HC165 crane for months now as it poked above the tree line near Syracuse Univerisity. Last weekend I finally ventured into the heart of Thornden Park to take a closer look and was pleased with how close I was able to get to the machine.


The HC165 is a 165 ton crawler crane with 270 foot of main boom. For nearly every conceivable stat and data point click here to view the 65 page specification sheet provided by Terex. As the manual says, it is the ultimate crane!


I’m not sure exactly what the crane is being used for but I assume it has something to do with Elon P. Stewart Standpipe in the background. A vintage part of city infrastructure if there every was one.


Nearly one year later this project has near completion with the arrival of a new roof for the standpipe. Syracuse.com has some great photos and videos of the installation. Click here.

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