Orange Is The New Yellow

You know me. I get excited when I hear about new construction but not because of the economic opportunity it represents for the community but for the chance to see trucks and heavy equipment in action. Developers have been courting tax breaks for an addition to the historic Amos Building and with recent approval by officials construction was slated to begin immediately. A few week passed. Then a few more. Finally heavy equipment showed up in the form of this orange painted Cat 330Cl with drilling attachment.

Cat Excavator with Drill

I’m guessing based on the arrival of this contraption there will be no basement excavation for this new building. Color me sad. Piling work has already begun.

Cat with Drill

I thought that I might get some interesting video out of this project but it turns out that drilling a big hole into the earth is pretty boring. The machine turns a bit. Some workers watch. Occasionally a large rock results in a loud noise until it is pulverized. That’s about it. I’ll keep tabs on this project for future activity.


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