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Orange Is The New Yellow

You know me. I get excited when I hear about new construction but not because of the economic opportunity it represents for the community but for the chance to see trucks and heavy equipment in action. Developers have been courting … Continue reading

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On the Job – American Auger and Ditching Co.

Two days ago I was heading home from work when I passed the International you see below while it was heading in the opposite direction. At the time there was a large steel pipe strapped on the back. I thought … Continue reading

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Unsafe Lane Change

Around the City of Syracuse there are many old rail road bridges.  Some a very low and have the habit of snaring the unsuspecting truck driver.  Bridge and truck crashes are so common that the local news media barely bothers … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – In the Dumps

Time to take a trip through the DDD archives for the most recent addition to the Lost and Found file.  This Brockway 761 used to reside in an empty lot on the west side of Syracuse.  The surrounding area is … Continue reading

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The New CATs

Milton CAT in Syracuse had not only the new CT660 on the lot but also an entire fleet of brand spanking new heavy equipment.  Believe it or not the massive 966k wheel loader and the 349E excavator shown below are … Continue reading

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SPAAMFAA, that’s a real mouthful. SPAAMFAA stands for the SOCIETY for the PRESERVATION & APPRECIATION of ANTIQUE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS in AMERICA. Self explanitory but just in case you are still confused take a look at the photos below.

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CNY ATHS – A look at years past

If you haven’t already done so please mark you calenders for the Central New York Antique Truck Show 2011 show at Long Branch Park in Syracuse, NY on July 10th.  Enjoy a mix of work trucks, classic semi trucks, pickups, military vehicles, … Continue reading

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A Day at the Auction

Yesterday the City of Syracuse held their semi annual vehicle auction at the DPW garage. With a valid ID and a pocket of cash your choices included wrecked police cruisers, rusted plow trucks, and even an airport crash truck. Up … Continue reading

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