Oshkosh WT2206 Snow Plow

*kool-aid man voice* Ooooohh Yeaaaaaah. Check this out, it’s an 1987 Oshkosh WT2206. The true age of this truck is probably older than 1987 as the info plates state this truck was remanufactured in that year. This is a Grade A snow removal machine complete with bellyscraper, roll over plow and straight blade. Spare tire and tailgate included!

Oshkosh WT2206

The day of the auction this truck turned right over with just a little shot of starter fluid. I missed a good portion of the smoke cloud that bellowed from the exhaust pipe but still captured enough to give you the idea.

There were plenty of nobs and gauges in the cab of the WT2206 that require a wingman for efficient operation. Later in day after the auction had ended I saw the proud owner of this truck driving down it down the street to its new home. Beast is an understatement as this truck absolutely towers over the average car.

Also at the auction was a second Oshkosh named Bruce. I’ve misplaced the information on Bruce but he didn’t look as good as his WT2206 brother. He sounded restricted and plugged up. Misfires were a common problem. There was no feel of that Oshkosh power. I recommend going to a straight exhaust.


What Bruce was lacking for in stamina he made up for with an all steel cab. The doors felt like bank vaults when closing.

More to come from this auction!

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    Pretty cool, seeing as I have S/N 6498R myself! Got ours from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and the Flink rollover plow came with it! It was quite a chore to drive home, but Oskah, as he was proudly dubbed, sits in our driveway right now. Definitely a beast of beasts, but quite a lot of fun to talk about and show off.

    Would love to exchange some pictures and stories as well as information if you’d like, please contact me through my email!

    • Andy mckee says:

      Hi William I actually just picked up a WT2206 myself. It was remanned in 1987 has a serial number 7045. I found out based on serial number it was originally manufactured in 1960. It has the 1693TC motor and 700hrs on it since the reman. It was based in Colorado Springs based on the door markings, bought it from the Mounds IL police department and they got it out of the Red River Army depot. I also have a 1952 W712 airforce/navy plow. It’s pretty cool to preserve the history of these old Rigs. Appreciate any photos or info you have.

    • Bob Herbert says:

      Did your 2206 truck have air brakes ?

  2. Bob Herbert says:

    Did your 2206 truck have air brakes ?

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