The Nicest S2500 in the World

If I had the money. And if the truck was for the sale. This would be the truck I would buy. Can you believe how clean this S2500 appears? No way this is a survivor. Someone has been putting time and money to bring this truck back to life. I spotted this fine machine outside of Blackburn Truck Bodies two weeks ago presumably getting the final bits and pieces before it becomes a money making machine.

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At the Dealer – Mega Edition

Today, a major dumping of photos from dealer visits over the past few months.

Over at Tracey Road Equipment, the local Freightliner dealer, there was an entire row of used Mack Pinnacles in both sleeper and day cab variants in the preferred color of all fleets nowadays, white.

A month or so later and entire row of used Cascadias in the same color would appear.

That’s a lot of white. The experts will tell you that white is the color for anyone looking to retain an extra bit of resale value on their rig. Apparently the folks at Bur-Trans didn’t get the memo. Check out this rainbow lineup of Mack Anthems.

At the local Cummins dealer this bus for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority was spotted. Engine problems on the way to its new home? Let us hope not.

At the International dealer the most popular new trucks on the lot continue to be from the HX line of trucks. Here is that white again. Maybe it will find it’s true color once the new owner takes delivery. Love those meaty tires.

To end our journey we will circle back around to Tracey and this crew cab flatbed sporting a color that is anything but white!

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John Deere 5200

I spotted this old John Deere 5200 while on a sanity cruise the other day. I am unsure of the true vintage of the machine but it clearly has that old time look. Maybe the 70’s? I conducted a five second Google search and found no usable information so I gave up. If you know more please leave a comment below.

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Lost and Found – Diamond-T Dump Truck

You just never know what you are going to find on the back roads nowadays! When I first spotted this truck off in the distance I thought it was an International at first. After all, Diamond-T and International did use the same Comfo-Cab for a number of years. I’m always excited to find an International but a Diamond-T is must rarer gem. Pardon the pun.

Someone please get this rig a proper set of headlight buckets!

For more Diamond-T goodness check out the great History of Diamond T series by clicking here.

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ATCA Macungie of the Past

By now you have probably heard the sad news that the annual ATCA truck show held in Macungie PA will not take place this year due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. This is sad news indeed but when truck shows due resume, hopefully this year, you can bet they are going to be more packed than ever before. Until that time here is a playlist containing videos of every Macungie show I have ever attended.

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The Beast

You may have seen the original video but here is the directors cut that includes new photos and videos along with more information about The Beast.

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Ford CLT-9000

Is this not a picture perfect truck? Wow, what a great find by John the other day while he was enjoying some time out of the house while avoiding other humans. I highly recommend taking a cruise when you can while keeping an eye for any and all old trucks.

It sure looks like the rig is sporting factory correct stripes while not missing a single bit of chrome trim. If I didn’t know any better I would have said it just rolled of the line in Louisville!

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Autocar Mondays – DC9964

It’s been a long time since we had an Autocar Mondays around these parts but thanks to Clarence we can once again celebrate.

We last saw this truck almost one year to the day. Back then it was loaded down with more than a few cords of wood. Today it’s back on the stone hauling job that for someone reason just seems more natural for this truck than wood. To refresh your memory about the stats of this old rig click here.

Thanks for the share Clarence!

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Only the Strong Survive

I always love finding these old dinosaurs still working away. Of course many of you will look at this truck and not think that it is that old but it’s pushing at least 20 years on the clock if not more. That’s pretty darn old for a garbage truck that probably sees nearly daily action on the salt encrusted streets of Upstate all winter long. What really makes this rig stand out is the fact it outlived a 2007 International 7600 also operated by the Village of Chittenango. Mind blowing to think that 2007 was over 13 years ago!

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The Next Western Star

We all need something to look forward to in these dark times. In just a short 119 days the latest and greatest Western Star truck will become official. Until that time we can all just sit around and watch the video below again and again for any clue we can gleam. It’s the perfect family quarantine activity.

Not much can be accurately determined but it appears the cab is new for Western Star. Check the link below for all the details.

The Next Western Star

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