The Star Next Door

Time to take a look at some new Western Star snow plows. This first up is a Western Star 4900 for the town of Exeter, NY. This truck is rocking the 505 HP Detroit and an 18 speed Eaton. The manual transmission still exists!

Parked next the Exeter truck was this 4700 for the Town of Virgil. A more restrained DD13 and an auto transmission makes up the guts of this truck.

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Who Wore It Better

I know these trucks are not exactly equals in terms of the body out back but they are similar in concept. Which one would you rather drive? This shiny and new Freightliner 122SD presuabmly with cruise, A/C, satellite radio and heated seats or…

This tried and true Mack RD with none of the creature comforts listed above? Which one will still be with us in the next 10 years. Only the magic 8 Ball knows that answer for sure but you can probably guess my choice. 😉

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Packers and Hackers

Take a look at this cute little truck. In a few years with the proper nutrition and exercise it might just grow up to be a full sized front loader. I spotted this truck over at the local Mack dealer a few weeks back. It belongs to the County agency tasked with operating the sewage treatment plants. I can only imagine that the small size of this truck has something to do with the tight confines of where it operates. Many years back during a freshman college science course I had the pleasure of touring the main treatment plant of the area. One part of the plant housed two giant augers that churn out the “non biodegradble” materials from the main sewage outflow. You’d be surprised the kinds of things that make it down the drain. Everything from large pieces of lumber to car bumpers. Now you see why they need this truck.

Now there is nothing really special about this next truck other than its an International 4900. My guilty pleasure of modern era trucks. There is nothing too impressive about this model but I snap a photo of one every chance I get. Deal with it. 😉

Back on the small truck front what about this GMC T7500. The body is rough but it looks like it’s the process of a repaint. Odd combo for this area.

We’ll end this little sanitation vacation with a look at a new Western Star 4700 with Heil body. Wish I had more to say about it but I don’t. I wonder if this custom Heil license plate is a special add on?

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Autocar Mondays – Impending Storm

Here is a cool shot of a vintage Autocar from a photo I recently purchased on ebay. The caption reads….

George Savard of Medford loads a truck with sand at the MDC Central Services North Central Garage in Stoneham in preparation for for tonight’s predicted snowfall. February 2, 1985 – Ren Norton

In case there was any confusion about where this photo originated let it be put to rest now. It’s “Bahsten”. The best I can tell the MDC was responsible for maintaining parks and other such facilities back in the day. Whether or not this truck was owned by the MDC or was a private contractor is unknow but the later choice is the best guess. Most likely this truck is DC model and just looks awesome with the massive blade out front. Pure 80’s snow fighter right here.

Do you have an awesome Autocar you would like to see feature on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Supor and Sons Part II

So the other day I made some comparisons to the GE turbine move I witnessed last year to that of the one Hugh shared with us. After seeing this second round of photos clearly I was comparing apples to oranges.

Hugh tells us..

The mobile platforms were manufactured by Kamag and the bridge structure which pivoted on the two transporters totaled approximately 192 feet in overall length.  The bridge structure carried the loads on two cross members suspended within the structure.  The reason for the overall length was to distribute the weight so as to comply with CT DOT wheel load requirements.  The rear platform had two additional diesel power pads to supplement the power pack attached to the lead platform.  The whole assembly was operated with a tethered control on the lead platform. 

Truly impressive. It’s hard to believe such loads could moved down any road. Thanks again for the share Hugh!

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Supor and Sons

It was just about this time last year when a massive GE built generator passed through the area on its way to a new power plant in Pennsylvania. During that pull at least six heavy haul Kenworths labored to push and pull the load up the steep hills of the Cherry Valley Turnpike. If you’ve forgotten, click here to reminisce. Anyway, maybe so many trucks wouldn’t have been needed if one or two M-1070 has been put to use.

Hugh sends in these photos of some equipment used by J. Supor and Sons as they recently moved a similar GE turbine load through the countryside. The M-1070 is the primary tank mover of the United States military and many other members of NATO. Powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V-92TA it would have been awesome to witness this beast lumbering through the hillsides. A real treat for the ear holes too.

Now this Kenworth might just look like your typical heavy spec model but Hugh tells us the steering is actually on the right side of the cab. Things that make say hmmmm. I wonder what that is all about? Possible Australian import?

Do these color combos seem familiar? They should. Dan shared some shots of a Supor truck seen at job in Buffalo in a few years back. Click here to revisit

Thanks again to Hugh for sharing these photos with us. It makes me wish more heavy loads would pass through the area once in a while. 

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Autocar Mondays – Big Dog

Here we have a spectacular 87′ DK of Columbus Square Auto. It seems like if you find a 31 year old tow truck on the job it turns out to be an Autocar. No surprises here am I right?

Brett sends in these photos and tells us a Cat 3406 tied to a 13 speed is the magical combination that produces the power and speed used by this truck to get the heavy loads home.

This truck is daily worker and you would like to see more stop by the Columbus Square Auto website by clicking here or visit their facebook page here.

Thanks to Brett for sharing these photos! Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today

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Still Working – Yale 1900 Loader

While cruising around this past weekend hoping to find some good snow clean up action I happened to spot this Yale working away at the Regional Transportation Center. It was fairly far off in the distance and I almost did bother to turn around for a closer look. I’m glad that I did as it turned out to be Detroit powered. Yes, an officially plated government vehicle that is not in the military still rocking a Detroit in 2018. Shhh, don’t tell anyone or it will be replaced with a hydrogen powered hybrid electric Chinese made paper weight.

Yale loaders were built in Batavia, NY back in the day by Yale and Townsend Manufacturing Company, the very same company that also made the Trojan line of loaders. For one reason or another you see many more Trojan loaders out there than Yale which is strange if you stop and think about it for too long.

A yellow machine with blue hubs screams NYSDOT hand me down. Now that I know this loader is here you can bet I will return for future glimpses. We might have to wait awhile as the final weeks of January are forecasted to be warmer than usual. Until then, a teaser video.


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Keep on Plowing

Keep on plowing. After all these years of running this site that is the first time I’ve titled a post with those words. Hard to believe. With two consecutive weekends of heavy snow I would say it’s about time to look at some of the equipment that is so common place this time of year.

We’ll start out with this Western Star 4900 from the Town of Manlius. This was taken the same morning the Toro Groundmaster fell through the ice. Deep snow and bitter cold. What a combo!

This year it seems that if you don’t plan ahead and stack the snow as high as you can you’re going to have problems with space later on. Here a John Deere 624E is clearing on the aisles of a local Life Storage. Ironic that a Cat dealership is on both sides of this property?

As I might have mentioned before I usually prefer my wife to drive during this winter. It’s not that I don’t like to drive in the snow but it’s really the only way to take a photo and avoid having a head on collision with a plow. My safety was rewarded with a shot one my favorite trucks, this International 2574 of the ‘Cuse DPW.

And, in order of apperance in the gallery below, City of Watertown, NY International Workstar, Village of Manlius, NY International 2674, Onondaga County DOT Frightliner M2 112V, City of Syracuse International 7600, A pair of Cat front loaders, a rear shot of the Cuse 7600 and a collection of NYSDOT Macks. 



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Autocar Mondays – Unique ACL

Check out this mighty fine ACL monster tow truck of Unique Towing and Recovery of Gananoque, Ontario. As far as ACL’s go they don’t look much tougher than this rig. Check out those dual stacks piped to (presumably) a Cat 3406b. Out back the muscle of the team comes in the form of a 60 ton rotator.

  Thanks to John for the share of the great truck. Do you have an Autocar that you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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