Still Working – IHC and WMC

Harvest time is just around the corner if not all ready here. That means old trucks that have been lurking in barns for most of the year hit the roads to help bring in the bounty of nature. Here we see an International Transtar and a heavy spec White dump truck that roll through the hills of Navarino, NY. And by roll I mean roar. These two classics have Detroits under the hood. If you are familiar with the area you know the hills are numerous and very steep. Wind ’em up and let them scream.

Thanks to Jon for the share!

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Autocar Mondays – Screaming Demon

Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Autocar and Detroit Diesel. Some combinations have been ordained to be since the dawn of time. With an 8V92TA stuffed under the butterfly hood you can spend all day making beautiful music while rowing through the 13 speed trans. Oh, did I mention Screaming Demon is straight piped? Can you hear me now?

But why have just one Autocar when you can have two?

Thanks to Matthew for sharing these cool trucks with us.

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The Boneyard

Can you believe I’ve sat on this material for over two months? More detailed information and photos to follow this week. Maybe.

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Still Working – Steel Fender Mack DM

Now this a is a great photo of a cool truck. The steel hood/fender Mack DM was always a truck destined for heavy duty use and here we see one living up to that dream. Hugh shot this truck at Vermont Castings where the DM is a site truck used to haul scrap.

A heavy duty truck in an industrial setting. It doesn’t get much better. Thanks for sharing Hugh!

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Still Working – Ford Trucks

What happened to Ford Trucks? How could such a long established player in the medium and heavy duty truck market let it a fizzle away only to be sold for the pennies on the dollars to Daimler Benz? Madness. But, at least the shareholders were made temporarily happy. That’s all the matters nowadays.

Anyway, I first saw this truck hooked up to a Freightliner FLD 120 tractor (ironic) months and months ago. I made a mental note to return and take a photo but figured it would be long gone by the time I returned. I guess the towing business is slow this time of year as the truck was exactly where I remembered it. The light bar reads WD Henson CO Syracuse, NY. I wonder if this a custom local built body? Either way, this is great looking piece of vintage towing equipment.

As we all know by now I spent plenty of time looking over the trucks that made it to the 2018 ATHS National Show in Lexington, KY. Well, at some point I wasn’t content with the offerings and began cruising the show grounds looking for more. That’s when I came across this C series Ford water tanker.

It’s hard to peg the year on this model as Ford made them for every but it’s giving me an late 60’s early 70’s vibe. Like it’s wrecker brother above it also comes equipped with a cab mounted Kysor air condition system. A comfortable driver is a safe, productive driver.

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Trucks and Tractors

Here we see a pleasent shot of a Ford tractor pulling some sort of apparatus used to clean the beach at Fair Haven State Park. I watched the operator makes passes on a quite Sunday morning before the temperature and crowds increased to annoying levels.

And here we see the International HX with factory optional sleeper. This is a truck aimed square at the heart of the Kenworth and Western Star long distance heavy haul markets. Nice looking machine.

There were a few other trucks hanging around the grounds of the 2018 Empire Farm Days extravaganza.


It wouldn’t be a farm show with out tractors and there were plenty of those to go around. Check out this Case IH. I’m not sure what is bigger, the tire or the exhaust system.

 New tractors. Old tractors. All tractors.


As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorites parts of the show is the two day auction of trucks, tractors, and construction equipment.

There was a nice selection of older tractors along with a GMC Topkick from the historic Catskill Game Farm.

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Autocar Mondays – ATCA Upper Canada

Today’s Autocar Monday comes to us courtesy of Hugh and his visit to the 3rd Annual ATCA Upper Canada truck show in Athens, Ontario. On display was this stunning late 30’s to early 40’s (?) Autocar dump truck that is part of the Key Stone Truck and Tractor Museum. Old school cool.

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The After Show

Yesterday we saw the trucks rolling to the show. Today we see them rolling out of the show.

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The 2018 National Brockway Show

As you can, it rained. It rained a lot. But the trucks still came! Over 125 would make their way down main street Cortland and stay all day until the same came out to play.

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Slow Moving Trucks Ahead

Life supposedly moves at a slower pace down south. After watching this video from the 2018 ATHS National Show in Lexington, KY I think you might just agree.

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