Still Working – IH Fleetstar

I never took to golfing but now I’m starting to second guess my choice after seeing some of the cool old rigs a local course.

I have passed these links more than a few times but never noticed the old Fleetstar. I stopped looking after an red Chevy C60 took up residence in the parking lot but now that truck is gone, replaced with this Ford L9000 still wearing Town of Cicero logos.

Both trucks seem clean enough and largely free of the tin worm. Now I’m jealous!

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Autocar Mondays – Dorrace Recycling

If you look at this photo and don’t like what you see please exit this page now.

My fellow truck obsessed friend Ryan Pedone was back on the east coast last month for a furious week of truck hunting. When he paid a visit to Dorrance Excavation in Norton MA I say that he bagged his limit and then some.

Just check out this mind blowing vintage setup. A heavy spec Autocar with a Farr exterior air cleaner and single stack. Detroit Powered? Wouldn’t that just be the best combination.

It looks just as good from the other side. The trailer and the truck make an unbeatable vintage combination.

But wait, there’s more!

I know the age of modern aerodynamics doesn’t call for exposed air clears and oil filters but they sure do look cool.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Still Working – Huskie Traffic Control

Last week Brockway Truck groups on Facebook lit up with reports of this old truck still on the job with Economy Paving. The stars aligned as the Brock turned out to be in Herkimer, NY, the very location I was set to pass through the very next day.

Research was conducted and through a network of informants I was able to pinpoint the exact location. As you can see from the photo this truck is crusty with age. I didn’t take a close inspection but it was easy to see the Detroit Diesel hiding behind the fenders. If you check google maps you’ll see that this truck has been in the exact same since at least October of 2018 when it was last scanned by the Matrix. Clearly it does not drive to the job site!

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Almost at the Dealer

Usually we look at new trucks when they are At The Dealer. This time I was able to head the trucks off at the past by spending the night at a hotel in the Poconos.

In the one man convoy we see a pair of LR, an orange Granite, and the lead unit of a set back axle Granite. Destinations unknown as I was lazy and the windows were fogged over. Earlier in the trip my wife asked how new trucks get from the factory to dealers. I explained the typical setup but I could tell my description wasn’t painting the mental picture required for understanding. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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PA Oversized Load

I was heading on 380 last week when I came across this oversize load. You know it’s a big one when it has three pilot cars.

Confirmed as a large precast bridge beam.

Lights on for safety.

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2019 CNY ATHS Chapter Show – The Video

After much delay here is the video from the CNY ATHS chapter show. If you area visitor to my Youtube channel outside of this site you probably saw an earlier version of this video that had incorrect captions. Haste makes waste! 


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Autocar Mondays – 400 Cummins

Last Sunday the ATCA Uncle Sam chapter held their annual show at the Washington County Fairgrounds. I wasn’t able to make the show this year but Ed was nice enough to send in this great photo of a 1975 DC with many custom touches. You can bet this truck makes a nice growl courtesy of a 400 Cummins and those big stacks.

Who says you can’t dress up an Autocar? Thanks for the share Ed!

If you have an Autocar you would like to share for Autocar Mondays send them to!

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Skyline Domination

The skyline of Syracuse, NY is due for a major change very shortly in more ways than one. Soon the boom of the massive crawler crane, a Liebherr LR11000 will tower more than 500 feet into the air. It’s job will be to raise massive steel beams that will form the support ring of the newly designed permanent roof of the Carrier Dome. That’s right. The Dome is going solid. If you want one last shot of the how it once was you better hustle yourself up the hill because once the crane is done nothing will ever be the same.

Over 50 trucks loads of crane parts have already arrived from the Port of New York and New Jersey with more on the way each day. The total assembled weight of this beast is over 3 million pounds with a designed lifting capacity of 1,100 tons. The local paper has a nice little story of the entire affair you can read by clicking here.

I’ve been wandering up the job site for a few months and watched as a steep grassy hill was transformed into flat base for the crane. Check out the pictures below to see the progression. I’ll try to keep tabs on this event but the hike from my office is intense this time of the year. Uber or Lyft?

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2019 CNY ATHS Chapter Show

One of the best little truck shows around. That’s the CNY annual chapter show. I suppose I shouldn’t call it a little show as they routinely have over 200 trucks from pickups to big rigs but you know what kind of machines get my attention.

That’s right. Big rigs. But I’m also partial to military vehicles as well. I had never seen a Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando before but here it was. The owner considers this rig a work in progress still but I’m willing to be it never looked this good in its life before! Believe it or not the Commando spent many years as a target at the White Sands missile range! Thanks goodness for poor aim I suppose.

There is always good variety at the CNY show. From big to small this show has it all. Please enjoy the gallery below.

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Still Working – Single Stack Mack

The other day I was heading down I-690 when I noticed this truck in a parking lot. I had a few seconds to decide if I should exit the interstate and swing around for a picture. I went for it and changed lanes. I didn’t catch a single light. Fate was with me. Or so I thought. Traffic stalled. As it turned out the R-Model was backing up a drive way directly in front of a busy three way intersection. In the end I had to settle for a windshield shot but that’s all I needed to capture this old rig.

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