Guardians of the Pit

It occurred to me as the flies swarmed in my eyes and I trampled through the weeds that maybe visiting a truck boneyard at an active quarry during the middle of summer wasn’t the greatest of ideas. But then I saw this DC monster (last registered for road use four years ago) and all was forgotten.

In the gallery below you’ll see another earlier model DC along with a model that I presume to be from the 40’s.

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Brodozer. This is a word typically used to describe a lifted pickup with custom rims. The driver is usually a young single male with money to burn. Trucks Nuts are usually found in 50 percent of brodozers but should not be considered standard. A special variety of Bro’ drive diesel powered pickups in which the exhaust stack is routed through the bed of the pickup. This allows for ample rolling of coal. The BroDozer is the natural antithesis of the Prius with the two existing in a Ying and Yang relationship that bring balance to the known universe.

With that being said this BroDozer is pure awesome. It’s the first ever diesel power monster truck participate in Monster Jam. From what I understand it’s a Duramax. Sorry Powerstroke and Cummins fans. Better luck next time.

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Custom Built Equipment

Sometimes you can’t find the tool you need so there is no choice but to build one. Or in this case, six. Hugh fills us in on the details.

Watched this unique truck doing small area paving in Connecticut today.  Tilcon’s  shop has built a fleet of six like this.  They purchased an Oshkosh frame/engine glider then added a self-unloading body in reverse with an auger front discharge chute.  An offset yard tractor cab installed up front. The chute swings with driver controls, used primarily for asphalt curbing and driveway aprons.

Pretty neat truck if you ask me. It’s nice to see that not all Oshkosh trucks grow up to be plows or front discharge trucks. Thanks to Hugh for the share!

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Assemble the Fleet

Over the past few weeks you’ve seen a few of these trucks pop into the photo gallery coverage of the 2018 ATHS national show. Now it’s time to enjoy the video coverage of this amazing fleet of trucks.

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Autocar Mondays – It Didn’t End Well

Well here is the one from the way back machine courtesy of Ryan. As you can see this truck was at least able to run when he snapped this photo back in 2006. That’s always good sign for all of us old truck lovers. Sadly, it didn’t stay this way for long.

Annnnd here it is a short time later. Slowly being stripped of parts and falling into disrepair. Sad.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Diminishing Returns

We’ve seen many a truck head up the hill and many a truck return down the hill. A few made the journey up and then never returned before the eyes of the camera. I wonder they went?

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A Measured Approach

Last year I dove into the ATHS national show photos without much thought or care. After just a few posts I had no idea what I had or had not shared. This year I pledged it would be different and so far it has. We are slowly working our way through hundreds of photos. Hope you are enjoying your time!

A classic combo. Just like the truck stops of yesteryear.

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Disappearing Before Your Very Eyes

Last summer the west bound lanes of I-690 were completely demolished right down to the very core. Despite the massive amount of heavy machinery involved I covered very little, if any, of the action. I figured I could atone for my sins when the work moved over the east bound lanes the following year. Well, here we are! Just a few days after traffic was diverted to the newly finished lanes demolition began in earnest. Unlike the other side of the highway the east bounds lanes of have plenty of good gawking spots to catch all the action.

It has been just about a week and the rate at which crews are tearing through the elevated portion of the highway is highly impressive. No sooner has a bridge beam been brought to the ground than crews begin torching it to predetermined lengths. Once the beams have been cut they are loaded three to a flatbed and hauled off to the scrap yard. This cycle repeats over and over while other machines busily crunch away at concrete supports and tangled mess of rebar……as the video below will show you.

My lunchtime visits have been well timed. I’ve arrived within minutes of the deck beams being leveled two out of three visits. What more can you ask for?

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What Can Be Said?

What can words say that sound can not? Enjoy!

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Busy Day

The shots we have been enjoying the past three days all came from one busy morning/afternoon near the show registration and photography area. As with past years Thursday seemed to be the peak day of madness with trucks of all types, sizes and ages crashing through the gates. If you are making plans for the national show next year take note that the technically it will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which is major shift from years past. Does this mean Friday will become the beehive of activity day? Only time will tell.

As you can see by the final few photos storm clouds were starting to gather. I have never seen such a rapid shift in weather before…or at least I don’t recall one. Coming from placid upstate NY where the breeze typically blows west to east in a predicable fashion the weather in Kentucky seemed to approach from all directions at random. By the end of day I wound up getting soaked to the bone in another freak storm. I ended up jumping into the hotel pool to dry off.

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