Drott 2500 Rough Terrain Crane

Drott. That’s a fun name to say. Some of my earliest equipment memories include a Drott wheel loader operated by the Town of Dewitt. It was Detroit powered and as such could be heard more than a mile away. I remember standing at the end of the driveway while staring up the block at the nearest intersection waiting to catch a brief glimpse. The noise made by the Detroit and the speed of the vehicle did not match what my young mind expected. I was still ignorant in the way of the Detroit. To this very day I remember vividly the way the machine bounced forward and back as it drove, almost bouncing from from front to rear axle. It looked terrifying to drive.

This old Drott appeared recently at a local equipment dealer. A few other crusty knickknacks were also on hand which has piqued by auction senses. 

Ramar is local steel erector from the Rochester area. The best I can tell they are still in business.

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Happy 50th Anniversary ATCA

Happy (belated) birthday Antique Truck Club of America! This past January 21st the ATCA celebrated its 50th anniversary.  Below is the official press release.

The Antique Truck Club of America will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2021.  The Boyertown, PA based ATCA is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and operation of antique trucks. From humble beginnings in the metropolitan New York area in 1971, the club has grown into a national organization with members around the world. ATCA has thirty chapters across the United States and Canada. These local chapters bring members together to share stories, advice, parts resources and to generally enjoy the company of others with a common interest in old trucks. 

ATCA strives to maintain a family friendly, low cost, grass roots operation, welcoming anyone with an interest in antique trucks. While ownership of an antique truck is not a requirement for membership,  virtually any age, size, make, or body style can be found among  the vehicles displayed at an ATCA show. Regardless of whether a truck is beautifully restored,  just rescued from a farmers field, or in any condition in between, it is welcome.

ATCA is known worldwide for its annual National Meet held in Macungie, PA. This event is  often referred to as the “greatest antique truck show on earth“.   Every year in June thousands of truck fans from around the globe gather to admire  the hundreds of antique trucks on display. The large truck related flea market and “Family Reunion” picnic are also popular parts of the show experience.  Over a thousand trucks are anticipated to be on site for the 2021 show celebrating the Club’s 50th anniversary. 

The show is open to the public, and  admission is free. 

 The Antique Truck Club  of America would like to welcome one and all to join us at our National Meet to celebrate our Golden Anniversary June 18th and 19th 2021. 

I know that we live in the age of skeptics and some of you out there might be wondering if the show in Macungie is really all it’s cracked up to be. Proof is in the pudding. Below, every video I have ever shot at Macungie.

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Old Trucks of St. Louis

You may not be aware of this but the St. Louis area is a hot bed of old trucks. Based on this thread over over at BigMackTrucks.com it seems like every day life on the streets of the Gateway City is veritable classic truck show. Seen here a just small sample of some of the vintage IH’s to be seen.

Do not adjust your screen. This R-190 is not a poorly compressed photo. The cab has modified to allow steel to run the entire length of the truck. Often times this style truck contained a hatch in the roof for the driver to enter and exit.

The Loadstar was International’s most popular and highly produced trucks. They are still commonly found across the country to this very day. Here is a fine sampling of what Missouri has to offer.

Thanks for sharing Edward!

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The Mack B-Model

Do you like Mack B-Models? Do you like watching, listening, and learning about the B-Models. Of course you do. Here is a video I put together out of boredom many months ago. For some reason I claim the B-Model was the first Mack with a diesel even though it was not. Most likely I meant to change that slide title but forgot. Too late now. Enjoy!

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Snowplows of the North Country

Back in late October I made a tour with the Plow King himself, Ryan Pedone, through various town garages in the north country. This is the part of New York that experiences heavy snow each winter. It’s a guarantee that the region will see feet upon feet with each storm thanks to the lake effect snow engine known as Lake Ontario. Anyway, enjoy the video!

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Northwest Engineering Company Photo Archive Vol 3 – 1967 -1990

Matt Folsom and Mario Torres are still at! The long awaited Volume 3 in their Northwest Engineering photo archive series is now available for purchase.

Volume 3 clocks in at 224 pages with many new color photos and informative captions. Over the past 8 years Matt and Mario have produced four separate books in the Northwest series and like the others this one abounds with quality and knowledge. This book is a must have for any fan of heavy equipment!

To purchase simply visit Buffalo Road Imports.

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Lost and Found – International Loadstar Bucket Truck

I wonder where this old truck has been hiding the past 40 years? With the exception of the ransacked tool compartments it seems rather solid with no major rot or foggy glass present. I haven’t been able to figure out the name on the door, it’s just a little to faded to bring it back to life. Here’s to hope that it finds a second wind soon!

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Western Star 49X

Here it is, the Western Star 49X. This one showed up rather quickly at the dealer following the official reveal just a few months ago. The 49X is probably the most advanced Western Star ever built and looks nothing like the previous generations. Similar to how Kenworth offers both the T800 and T880, I imagine that Western Star will continue to offer both this new model and the traditional 4900 square hood. People want what people want.

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Minneapolis Moline G1350

It has been awhile since we’ve had a good tractor post around here so how about this Minneapolis Moline G1350.

Around these parts the M-M namesake was not as popular as John Deere, IH, and to a lesser extent Ford/Case/Oliver so stumbling across this old tractor can be considered something of a rare find.

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Happy New Year 2021

Many of probably few like this old truck right about now. Tired, cold, and just wanting it all to be over with. The year of 2020 was really a trying one but now it’s officially in the records book. Here is a to a happy and prosperous 2021!

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