NYSDOT Diamond Reo

In the name of economy and tracking assets old trucks like this NYSDOT Diamond Reo don’t often hang around 30 years after their active service time.  Nevertheless NYS still has a hand full of these rigs lurking around the downstate area. One of them still rocks a V-Plow and dump body while this truck patently waits for…something.Thanks to Newman for sending in these cool shots of a bygone time.

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Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman

Big Rig Racing is back! Of course well all knew that but it looks like it’s about to hit the main stream. You may or may not be a fan of those reality tv shows were a group of high strung individuals build cars, motorcycles, and trucks under ridiculous deadlines with little budgetary concerns. If so the name Aaron Kaufman might ring a bell, after all he was the bearded wonder from Gas Monkey Garage. Turns out he has his own show now by the name of Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman. For the fourth episode in the series he begins building a honest to goodness race truck out of Sterling with a Series 60 Detroit. Sounds like this is right up my alley! Oops, I dumped cable years ago so it’s a no go for me BUT if you still have service check out this episode. I’m sure it will be a goodin. For the rest of us the video below will have to suffice.

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman | Semi Truck Racing

Oh man… now this is the definition of extra.Aaron Kaufman is dragging a big rig into Arclight Fab tonight on Shifting Gears. 10/9c on Discovery.

Posted by Discovery Motor on Monday, March 26, 2018

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Coop by Ryder

We are living in the age of the gig economy. You can rent your home, boat, car, even yourself out through a variety of online apps like Uber, AirBNB and GoShare. Ryder is taking the next step by allowing you, the fleet owner, to rent our your idle commercial vehicles through Coop, their in house developed truck sharing app. Like the old saying goes, if your wheels arent’ turning you not earning!

Now before you go thinking that your 18 wheeler can be rented out by some guy looking for a cheap thrill, don’t worry, the app is designed for business to business use and comes complete with physical damage and other insurance coverage.

Hmm, maybe I have to pickup a few cheap trucks at auction and start my own rental business?

Coop by Ryder

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I went to NY/NJ

As I alluded to yesterday I spent some time in the NYC metro area last week. Did I mention I left on Wednesday? Yup, just in time for a big nor’easter to pass through the region. Some of you out there might not believe this was coincidence but it was! I swear! I’ve had about enough of snow and leave it to my luck that the CNY came through the storm unscathed. I am human snow curse I suppose. That being said it was interesting to see how NJ and NYC handle eight inches of snow.

As usual with these trips I saw many things that I didn’t photograph and what I did photograph is not all that I saw. Starting around Scranton the snow begin to fly heavy. PennDot was at each turnout with one or two trucks just waiting for a flurry to pass through. Once I hit the Delaware Water Gap is when things got crazy. Unlike Scranton the snow wasn’t sticking but that didn’t stop the contractors from being called out in force. At each exit rows of Peterbilt and Kenworth dump trucks that would seem more at home at Englishtown waited with drivers in cab for the weather to turn. 

Further down the road in Old Bridge, NJ the snow was starting to fall at a decent rate but still not enough to stick. Passing by a mall on RT 9 I came across a vertiable fleet of Mack drump trucks just chomping at the bit to hit the road. A few miles down the road at another shopping center the cycle was repeated but this time the trucks were of the mixed variety. My favorite was the single axle S-Series International garbage truck still sporting the Temple University logo. I would later to get see it action but it was to dark for any photos. Just add it to the ever growing pile of regrets.

By the next morning the storm had passed and the streets were basically clear. Good job NJ! At some point in the night this rig from J. Supor and Sons showed up on the parking lot of my hotel.

Heading into NYC that morning I saw plenty of DSNY garbage trucks with chains (buses too) plowing nearly clear streets. By the end of the afternoon the plows were already coming of the trucks and life was returning to usual for Big Apple. Here we see a fleet of DOT trucks on Staten Island. Photo credit to my wife.

Taking the ferry back and forth between Staten Island and Manhattan was a great way to see the city. On one of the trips I noticed the entire inside of the ferry was painted that industrial green color so popular on truck and heavy equipment of the 60’s. Turns out I was riding on the John F. Kennedy, the oldest ferry in the fleet. No surprise it was the fast and quietest journey of the entire trip. It’s scheduled to be in service until 2020 and is now the inspiration to the new fleet of ferries currently under design. Long live the old iron on both land and sea. Speaking of Staten Island, there was a steady stream of large cars heading out from the docks carrying road salt.

And of course there was so much more. I wasn’t even looking for trucks on a hardcore level but there are nearly everywhere. Even in the heart of Manhattan you can find an International Eagle with straight pipes. Truly the greatest city in the world.

Just imagine what I would have seen if I had actually gone down for truck spotting?

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Autocar Mondays – King of the Autocar

The past couple of days I spent some time wandering around the big apple with my wife. Most streets are some combination of narrow and or traffic choked. It’s hard to believe that big monster Autocars like this early DC model once plied those streets. Of all the heavy haul companies to hail from the NYC Metro area Gerosa is perhaps the most famous of them all. We’ve seen a few of their trucks, Autocars in fact, on this site before but there can never be enough.

Matt sends in this awesome shot of Gerosa rig loaded to capacity with a Bucyrus Erie 40H. This behemoth represents the first generation of B-E hydraulic machines and was most likely powered by a 12V-71 Detroit Diesel. The hills were alive with music back in those days!

Thanks for the share Matt! If you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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White Drag-In

It’s not Monday (Thank God!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at this awesome early 40’s Autocar Wrecker. For reasons unknown (although I can take a guess) Andy was digging through the Tacoma Public Library online digital photo collection. I’m not sure he found what he was looking for but this photo is certainly a winner.

The photo caption reads as follows.

A Turner tow truck is lifting a big freighter on its towing rig. The freighter truck is pulling a trailer behind its regular load. The Turner truck cab has a dragon painted on the driver’s door and words, “Call Turner, White Drag-In”. Turner Towing was located at 2620 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

Interesting. I wonder what became of this fine looking truck. And no, I’m talking about that Peterbilt (?) out back on the hook. Great find Andy. Keep up the good work.

Credit: Tacoma Public Library 21215

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Always Be Prepared

What is the second largest city in West Virginia? The answer might depend on the time of year when you ask. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is a massive scouting complex that in years past has hosted upward of 35,000 scouts and their leaders. I remember going to scouting jamborees as a boy and I can only describe the events as organized chaos during the best of times. I can’t image the work that must take place to keep such a facility in check. Obviously big trucks are needed. Here we see a Mack RD tanker with a few tasteful additions like quad air horns and a custom laser cut grill.

The task of the day was proving water for what appears to be a giant Slip and Slide. It was joined by a Ford L8000 which appears to be in great shape as well.

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing Dave!

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Not a Diesel

It might not be diesel powered (a DD could be squeezed under the hood) but it is an International and that’s good enough for me! Jon sends in this shot of an truck that probably hails from the 1930s back when every tow truck was a custom built unit. 

While it might not have the pull power of a modern truck I’m sure that this old rig found itself moving and towing more than its fair share of steel back in the day.

Thank the good Lord above that places vehicles don’t rot away in the pacific northwest as they do back here on the east coast. Cool shot Jon, thanks for sharing!

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Northgate Ready Mix

I had some time on my hands so I decided to clean up my Gmail inbox. The goal was to trim about 400 emails so the inbox total fell below 1,000 items. As I was deleting away I happened to come across some emails that contained truck photos destined for this site. Sadly they were lost in the chaos…until now!

Northgate Ready Mix of Windsor, California is rocking a new fleet of Western Star 4700s (and a Freightliner for good measure) with Kimble mixers. Ryan stopped by in August and took these great shots. Too bad they languished for eight months before being rediscovered. 

Thanks for the shots Ryan! 

As it turns out I found a few more items in my emails worth sharing. Stay tuned.

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Autocar Mondays – Bring a Friend

The government always has the coolest toys. Paul shares this shot of a crew cab Autocar from Hill Air Force near Ogden, Utah. Powered but a Cummins and connected to a automatic trans this truck is easy to drive for any enlisted personal and all their buds.

One can only speculate on the contents of the large white box behind the cab but most likely it is used to track UFOs.

Thanks for the share Paul! I guess we better keep watching those government surplus sites for this one!

For you eagle eye visitors the truck behind this Autocar is a Oshkosh K2358. Learn more by clicking here.

Have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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