ATCA Upper Canada Part III

We’ve had fun but it’s time to wrap up the coverage on the ATCA Upper Canada show.

I’ll tell you one final time. Go to this show next year!

And some very limited video coverage.

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Autocar Mondays – My Truck Book

A few weekends back I was wandering through DogStar books in Lancaster, PA when I came across this gem. My wife loves looking through old book stores and truth be told so do I in the hopes of finding something exactly like this Rand McNally Elf Book titled My Truck Book.

Believe me I had to work to find this book. I probably shifted through a hundred My Golden Books and Elf Book titles before finding this solitary copy. I didn’t even have to take it out it’s protective cover before deciding it should come home to my collection. 

Published in 1948 this book is jammed full of iconic postwar truck designs from nearly every manufacturer of the time including lesser acknowledge brands such as Studebaker but sadly omitting the classic Brockway. I won’t hold it against illustrator Dorthy Grider as her work in other children’s books speaks for itself.

Anyway, it would figure that an Autocar would pop in this book and since we are talking about the late 40’s you know it can be none other than the stylish U-Model.

Author E.C. Reichart, who also penned the Elf Book title Freight Trains, describe the illustration as such.

My, this is a big truck! In the long tank it carries gasoline to the gasoline stations. The gasoline is run through a hose from the truck into a tank under the ground. The station man can then pump it out into cars. Every gasoline truck has a chain dragging behind it to prevent electricity causing it to catch on fire. You have to be a careful driver to drive a big gasoline truck.

And there you have it. With that knowledge you can now pass that HAZMAT portion of your CDL exam. Flipping through the book there are a few other trucks that could pass for an Autocar but this is the prime example. There really is no debate about it. The truck even appears on the cover.

Do you have any Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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1970 N361 Brockway

Part 3, the final leg of the Huskie Drive, finishes today with a trip back to the Brockway truck Museum behind the wheel of one of the best sounding rigs on the road today. Think jake brake. 

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ATCA Upper Canada Part II

I truely didn’t understand what a great show the 2017 ATCA Upper Canada show was until I returned home and starting digging through the photos. I’m sure you’ll agree as we enjoy part II of the coverage.

And we’re not done yet folks…check back soon.

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Brockway 358 – The Chadillac

Part 2 of the Huskie Run is now live. See it through the eyes of The Chadillac.

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ATCA Upper Canada

In just its second year the ATCA Upper Canada truck show is quickly becoming one of the premier events of the year. If you have any doubts on the variety of trucks that make it to this show just take a look at this King. I mean, when was the last time you saw one of these?

Old iron and new iron comprise the show field. Truly something for everyone.

I would say the show has doubled in size from last year and I have the photos to prove it. The first batch can be found below.

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1974 Brockway 359

Thanks to the modern miracle of technology now you too can see what it’s like to ride in the cab of a 1974 Brockway 359 complete with Huskiedrive! This is part 1 of a three part series in which we will ride in a 359, 358 and a 361.

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Autocar Trucks – 1952 Tow Truck

Well isn’t this a beaut Clark. I saw this 1952 Autocar tow truck at the ATCA Upper Canada truck show this past weekend. It was a treat to see in person after seeing photos of this truck on the web for sometime now. I don’t know the backstory but if you head over to the confusing website you’ll find an entry for this truck. Apparently the engine restoration was done by a NASCAR owner? That old 330 Gold Comet engine never had it so good. Further looking at the before photos it almost seems like this truck once wore Diamond-T emblems on the hood. I suppose it really doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the photo. 🙂

Do you have an Autocar Truck you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Western Star Auction Special

When I first saw this photo sent in by Ryan I figured it was a new truck. Turns out this truck is actually used and soon to be put up for auction. Insane right?

This 6900 was used by a utility company in Northern California to keep access roads open to transformer stations and such. Around here junky 3/4 ton trucks with blades usually get the job done. Marmon Herrington axles and V-Plow (presumably) ensure that this truck can slog through even the deepest snow.

This truck could be yours….if you can outbid Ryan.

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True Celebrity

Syracuse, the Hollywood of the East. LOL.

But seriously folks, some notable names have been in town the past week filming a new movie. Perhaps you have heard of Richard Dreyfuss or Ron Pearlman? I believe they are filming Jaws V on Onondaga Lake. As exciting as it would be to see one of them on the street this Mack CL from Paramount Studios was the star that caught my eye.

As you would expect it was loaded with all kinds of film making equipment. The box out behind the cab is a generator and not some modern take on the drom box as I first thought. Disappointing for sure as I don’t think I’ve seen a CL setup as a sleeper before.

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