Autocar Mondays – ACL of the Fields

We’ve seen plenty of Autocars on the site over the years but not too many that look like this couple!

John was passing through Cobourg, Ontario recently when he came across a pair of ACLs fitted with low impact tires for field work. And if you are wondering what kind of work these trucks do think manure.

You may have noticed that this second ACL is wearing a different looking badge on the hood. If you could zoom in closer you would notice dates denoting the 100 years of Autocar trucks up to that point of time. I’ve never been able to find out if these trucks featured anything more than just a badge. If you know let us know. Thanks for the share John!

Do you have a truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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1966 Hayes HD

From the moment I saw this truck at the ATHS National Show in Reno I knew I had to hang around it nearly as much as possible in an attempt to catch some sweet Detroit startup action. A few years back this very same truck was at the national show in Des Moines but I was never around when it fired off…although I did hear it! This time the stars aligned and I heard the 16V71 Detroit roar to life and lumber onto a trailer. This truck has undergone intense restoration and modification to bring it the masterpiece level you see below. Enjoy!


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2019 ATHS National Show

Hey, guess what. I went to the ATHS National Show in Reno, Nevada. As a matter of fact I’m still there! For those of you wondering baby Preston is in attendance. Brave? Foolish? Insane? I certainty was rethinking my decision after the third plane transfer of the day. Stay tuned…

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Ford L8000 Well Driller

This truck has been on my watch list for a number off years now. It usually is parked nose first against the building which to be honest would make for a boring shot. Each time I see one of these old Fords I wonder why they ever got out of the heavy truck business. Seems short sighted to me.

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Warner Swasey H550

Take a look at this old gem. It’s a Warner Swasey H550. This old machine sits a stretch of road outside of Rome, NY that is home to a few other goodies including yet another H550! I believe many years ago I shared a post of an old Mack from this general location along with a former mobile command unit of the SPD. It looks this machine is capable of moving under it’s own power via a Detroit Diesel….as the good Lord intended.

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Great Lakes Concrete Auction

The 6×6 GMC wasn’t the only interesting item up for bid at the Great Lakes Concrete auction. There were more than enough interesting trucks and heavy equipment choices.

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Road Trip to California

This ain’t your grandfather’s tractor….or maybe it is?

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Northwest 180D Shovel

Do you like to see rare one of a kind items? Of course you do. Especially when that item is heavy equipment as seen here in the form of a Northwest 180D.

This particular unit worked constantly from its manufacturing date in 1963 until 2017 at a limestone quarry in southern Indiana. That’s right, 54 years of hard labor and it’s still around. The 180D still is running its original Murphy V-8 diesel with twin turbos on each exhaust manifold. Power for days!

Yup, this is a big machine, 267,000 pounds big. The 180D was the largest shovel offered by Northwest over the years. This particular machine has a five cubic yard bucket but for intensive earth moving operations a 10 yard bucket was also available.

If you have free time this weekend (May 18th-19th) head down to the National Pike Show in Brownsville, PA to see this machine in operation. Yes, you read that right. The 180-D has been fully assembled on site and will be moving earth along with numerous other shovels and vintage equipment.

I’ve often thought about attending this show but never got around to it which is sad because there is both a spring and summer show! Do yourself a favor and visit youtube and search for National Pike show. You’ll like what you will find. Just don’t expect to get anything done for a few hours.

Thanks to Matt Folsom, Mr. Northwest himself, for sharing these photos via new owner Larry Padulo. I’m putting this show on the calendar for next year!

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The Comforts of Home

With a baby it’s a little hard to get around and check out trucks and heavy equipment. Luckily for me they objects of my desire have been coming directly to my door step.

Living in the middle of a farm field for the past two years I’ve been trying to capture some tractor footage but I’ve never been home when the farmer hits the fields. The other morning that finally changed. Only I can consider it good fortune to be home when it’s time to spread some good ol’ fashioned manure. The hard kind. None of that super stinky liquid stuff.

The next morning “Papa’s Toy” paid a visit with more brown gold. The International 3788 is one of the fastest looking tractors ever produced. It reminds me of a race car. This one has definitely seen better days but until recently it was hoodless so I guess we’re moving in the right direction.

As you can tell I’m actively participating in the slow sprawl of suburbia. The growth of the development has been slow but yesterday I was able to catch some good action just by looking out my front window. That’s a view that can’t be beat!

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Autocar Mondays – Return of the DC

The DC Autocar is back! I can hardly believe the words I just typed but it’s true. Somehow the talented folks at Autocar Trucks managed to keep under wraps one of the biggest heavy truck stories of the century! By now you might have heard about the release of the DC-64R, the first conventional styled Autocar truck released in over three decades. If not, feast your eyes on the truck below.

Not bad. Not bad at all. You’ll notice the front clip draws heavy inspiration from the original style DC of the early 50’s, a style that we took a look at in last edition of Autocar Mondays. Along with the round head lights it’s not hard to imagine that this truck represents the continued evolution of the DC/DK Series had a series of mergers and acquisitions not put the storied line to rest.

The DC-64R is a serious re-entry into the conventional truck market with an all new designed cab. No cabover rip off here. The all steel cab is designed to be the strongest on the market. The frame of this truck is even stronger featuring 160,000 PSI frame rails, the heaviest in the industry. Power is supplied by the Cummins X12 producing up to 500 HP and 1,700 foot pounds of torque.

Everything about this truck is designed to tailor to the waste industry. Autocar has already started to accept orders for this truck that will be built at the Birmingham, Alabama factory.

Autocar Mondays typically lives in the past celebrating the long lived DC, DK, and AT line of trucks. With the release of the DC-64R I have a feeling we’ll be seeing many more modern trucks on the pages of Daily Diesel Dose. It’s good to live in a time when a conventional Autocar truck is in production! My hat is off to Autocar for taking their time to produce a truck that we can actually see instead of the usual vaporware and computer generated images that seem to be so popular in the auto industry nowadays.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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