Happy New Year 2021

Many of probably few like this old truck right about now. Tired, cold, and just wanting it all to be over with. The year of 2020 was really a trying one but now it’s officially in the records book. Here is a to a happy and prosperous 2021!

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Lost and Found – Brockway Logger

Check out this blurry and grainy photo of a Brockway logger that could have come right out of an early 1990’s truck trader. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I took this photo just a few weeks ago? I suppose it turned out okay in the very early morning light, through the fog, and with a very abused cell phone. I don’t have any usable details on this truck other than it was on a FB marketplace earlier in the year for a price that many thought was more than overpriced. As the door states, South Bay Automotive was a previous owner. Back in those days this truck has flatbed and/or rollback mounted on the frames.

Neat out old rig for sure.

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At the Dealer – December 2020

Yes, sometimes I do visit heavy truck dealers that are not Freightliner. Here we have a nice VHD presumably for the Town of Kirkland, NY.

Down the road the local Kenworth dealer was jammed full of new trucks. The tried and true T800 is still a popular seller.

Kenworth claims to have no plans to discontinue the T800 in favor of the T880. We shall see.

Over at the International dealer this sharp looking HV with Tenco gear all around. I saw this truck posted on social media a few weeks ago and thought it was all black but upon closer inspection it just might be a really dark blue. I’m not sure if this truck has a home or a demonstrator for both companies.

Back over at the Western Star dealer I had to snap a shot of the future NYSDOT 4700. If the past is any indication the state will have this truck for at least three decades. Not too long ago they finally surplused an International S1800 setup in a similar configuration.

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Off Road Water Trucks

Look at this power couple. An International Paystar5000 and a GMC Brigadier. Both configured with AWD systems. Both wearing multi color paint jobs. Much has changed since these trucks were new. I’m going to guess the GM is packing a Detroit and so is the Paystar. Loud and a louder.

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Tradeshows of the Past

Big Rubber. Big Spokes. Big Truck. The combination to awesome. Clearly the origins of this photo are from a tradeshow back in the day. But from when? Where? You can also smell the grease and fresh rubber. Stay tuned for more Reno 2019 ATHS photo finds.

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Ford CLT9000 Tow Truck

Feast your eyes on this stunning combo. A Ford CLT9000 wrecker pulling an International DF-400. This is another on of the ATHS Reno 2019 photo fines. The truck belonged to Frank Bouma towing of Artesia, California. A casual Google search doesn’t provide much info on the company and the potential survival of this fine machine.

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Single Axles Have More Fun

I bought a collection of old truck photos at the ATHS Reno show over a year and half ago. That was the easy part. My first struggle to digitize them was to remember where I tossed them after a grueling two day struggle of cross country air travel that dealt with striking unions, gruesome bird/plane collisions and general incompetence of an industry that faces no consequences of treating the customer like crap. But that’s a story for another day!

The first of the series is this sweet looking single axle International 9370(?) Based on the backgrounds I assume most of these came from locations on the west coast. The dates range is solidly 80’s. I really don’t know much about these trucks but the story you imagine is often more interesting that the real truth. I can see this truck hooked up to twin pup trailers hauling hay through California. 

Check out that Mack MH in the background.

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Circle Back

I don’t know if this was a strategic decision or not but back in 2019 the Town of Groton decided to list two Brockway trucks at auction…..with an end date on the very weekend the Brockway National Truck Show took place. For those not up on the Upstate geography Groton is just a hop and skip down the road from Cortland. Could you possibly pick a better time to sell a Brockway in the backyard of Huskie Town than the second weekend of August? I think not.

This 1974 351 sold for $3,650

While this 1975 361 sold for $3,050
There also was a 1947 Walter FGBS for bid. The condition of the truck was extremely poor. It was missing the drivers side door while the passengers door was held on by a thing strand of goat hair. Despite its decrepit condition it was still an impressive looking rig with V-Plow. Final sale price $810.00

And with this post I have fulfilled a promise I made back in 2019 to share these photos!

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Gerhart’s 2020 – Part III

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The International HX

It’s hard to believe it but the International HX is already set for a refresh.

Launched in 2016 the HX line of trucks is Internationals new approach to heavy duty trucks. Of the many redesigned elements of the 2020 refresh the most noticeable is cab. All International trucks now share the same style cab. The venerable but tired “paystar” cab is now a thing of the past. The HX looks very modern now and on looks alone can easily compete with the latest offerings from Western Star and Kenworth.

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