The Winds of Change

This website has been around for over six years now and only for a brief time has the format changed. That is an eternity plus one when it comes to the digital world so it’s time to do some remodeling. Don’t worry, this isn’t change for the sake of change. The format of this page desperately needs to change in order to display better on mobile devices and wider format screens. Have you noticed recently that the photos seem slight blurry until displayed in full resolution? No longer acceptable. Out with the old and in with the new.

Within the next month or so I hope to have a new look for this old site and maybe even a new header logo. With that being said if there is something you would like to see incorporated into the revamped site drop me line. Maybe there is something you don’t like? Drop me a line. No idea or complaint is unwelcome. Let me know at

And here is a photo just because.


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2017 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part II

Who doesn’t love a good International picture. It becomes even better when you have two more in the background!

Today we’ll wrap up with photo coverage but the videos will continue, at least two more should be in the works soon. But, before we do, check out this B-Model. Strange isn’t it? At first glance I thought someone had frankenstein’d an International DCF and a B-Model into some unholy creation. After the initial shock I recalled that there was company by the name of Clariben that produced fiberglass aftermarket hoods for trucks that originally came equipped with steel hoods. Along with increasing the longevity of a truck these hoods also provided a tilt forward function not available with the original style hood. And if it couldn’t get any stranger this truck is packing a Detroit 8V-53.

And the rest of the sun soaked field.

Some good trucks in this video. Eventually the B-Model from above and many of the others will show up.

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2017 ATHS Hudson Mohawk

I’ve been saying it for years but if you are not going to the ATHS Hudson Mohawk classic truck show you are missing out on of the best truck shows around. For the 28th year the wonderful group of members and volunteers pulled off another exceptional show with a record breaking number of trucks on display. Old favorites and new faces always help round out the show field and keep you coming back year after year.

As the truck show season begins to wind to a close I’m left feeling positive about the strength of the hobby. Traveling around as I do I’ve seen much cross pollination from different ATHS, ATCA, and other truck related clubs this year. People are traveling to new shows, bringing out new trucks and generally having a great time regardless of distance and time. For instance I knew Alyne had a nice B-Model they use as an attention getter but this Superliner was a true bombshell.

As is the tradition, let us enjoy video footage of the truck arriving to the show. 

Much more to come!

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Autocar Mondays – Unconfirmed Reports

Browsing through an Autocar group on Facebook last week I came across this early 50’s Autocar that according to the original poster was located just outside of Little Falls, NY. I inquired about the exact location but never heard back so a good old fashioned truck hunt was on. Usually I just would have let this one go but in just a few days I would be passing through the area while on way to the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show in Ballston Spa. I got off RT 5 in Little Falls and headed east. And then I headed east some more. And then I headed east even more. Eventually I gave up as I was no longer in Little Falls or even the same county! I turned around and went home.

After driving 15 miles it turns out I was less than a 1/4 of mile from truck all along! If only I had gone over that last hill and around that last turn. Thankfully my dad had passed through the area earlier while returning from the show and took a photo. I suppose what they say is true. Trying is the first step to failure. 😉

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Mack Tow Trucks

Why is there no longer a Mack DM? Can you really spec out a Granite as a heavy duty workhorse? I guess the answer depends on what the Volvo overlords are preaching that day. I specifically went to the Alex Lyon summer auction this past July to take a look at this 1988 DM with Weldbuilt wrecker. I have no proof but I believe that this truck came from one of the many three letter acronym NYC government agencies that love buying heavy spec’d trucks and then cutting them loose with plenty of life left on the clock. Once part of the Village Truck Sales fleet this old bulldog and it’s RD brother were sent packing and offered up to new homes yet again. My money tree has yet to bloom so I had to pass on these two. Maybe next season.

Photo evidence for future generations that real trucks once existed.

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PSA 20171839

This is a great show. You should attend. Go both days if you can.

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U.S. Diesel Nationals 2017 – Part 2

An International Paystar racing on the drag strip. Sweet Mother of God! I am already counting down the days until next year so I can see action like this in person.

A major thank you to Dan for sharing these awesome photos. We are in his debt.

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U.S. Diesel Nationals 2017

Maybe you’ve heard about a little truck show down in Englishtown, NJ by the name of U.S. Diesel Truckin Nationals? Oh, and by little I mean gigantic. For a number of years I’ve been thinking about going down there but for reason or another I’ve always talked myself out of it. The drive is too long. The weather is too hot. What if there is nothing but a sea of lifted brodozers? This year Dan was able to make the trip down and from what we can see in his photos there is absolutely no reason not to go to this show. None at all.

Okay but what if you’re not a fan of modern trucks? Don’t worry, E Town has your back. I would go to the show just to see this truck alone!

Take a moment to browse through the gallery below. I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Part II hits the street tomorrow.

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I went to California

Well take a look at this…a new post! We haven’t seen one of those around here in quite some time. As the title notes I was in California for the past week, specifically Palm Springs. I had plans to post a few days during the trip but the desert sun and the laziness that comes with it had other plans. Despite the struggle I did find time to snap a photo or two.

Up first is the distinctly Californian style of fuel transport, the straight truck with pup trailer. As one would expect it’s a Peterbilt with plenty of chrome and polished aluminum. I don’t know the exact reason behind this style of setup over a traditional tanker and tractor but I’m guess some unique combination of weight and state law gave rise to this setup. Maybe it’s just easier to get in and out of stations? If you know, let us know. 

In the heart of downtown Palm Springs there is an exotic car dealership slash auction house by the name of McCormicks. It was fairly dead for the season when I wandered by but it comes back to life in the fall with hundreds of unique cars and trucks crossing the auction block. On the lot there was a variety of vehicles all rubbing fenders with each other. Bentley next Chevy. Ford next Jaguar. There even was a 53 Ford C500 in the way back corner for only 25,000 plus a 5% buyers fee!

Getting in on the west coast garbage truck spotting scene here is a Mack from Palm Springs Disposal Service. Looking at those tanks suggest alternative fuel in the form of CNG perhaps?

And on the Still Working side of things here is a pristine Chevy bucket truck. It’s amazing how long a truck will last when not exposed to road salt, beet juice, brine, or whatever else is dumped on the roads these days.

That about sums up my truck adventures from the trip. Hopefully we’ll be back to regular schedule now once I readjust to east coast time.

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Mack Anthem

The newest Mack truck has been revealed. Behold the Anthem. It’s the latest entry into the Class 8 segment that has seen a slew of new or heavily refreshed models aimed straight at the heart of the OTR market. Redefined with all the creature comforts you could imagine Mack hopes the Anthem will boost sagging sales. 

At first glance I have to say the truck leaves a favorable impression on the eyes when compared to other modern trucks and I eagerly await seeing how these trucks look when the hit road. What we see in the video above is clearly the highest spec’d model available and probably won’t represent what the common man will choose.

So what do you think? Keep in mind that Tesla plans to unveil the version of big rig on October 26th so if you want to hold judgement until that time I can understand. 😉

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