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Wow! Check out this brand spanking new heavy wrecker spotted by Hugh at local Peterbilt dealer.

Riding on a Peterbilt 567 the NRC wrecker out back has a 65 ton capacity, a standard 50,000lbs winch and a 367″ boom reach.

God only knows how much this setup costs but I assume it’s a little more than you or I can afford. 😉

Thanks for the share Hugh!

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Medium Mack

Have you heard the rumors? Mack Trucks is looking to get into the crowded medium duty market. GM has recently muscled back into the fray with help from Navistar and most causal observes suspect Ram will be increasing the options soon.

You can read all the details here but job postings recently removed were seeking engineers for a small, quick moving project near Salem, Virginia. Could we expect a clean sheet design? Probably not. Most likely make with pair with an existing small truck builder and working on “brand engineer” to create a Mack product.

The last time Mack offered a true medium duty truck was the Mid-Liner.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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Autocar Mondays – Single Axle DC

Well this is a great find! A 1953 DC single axle still plated and working in Binghamton, NY.

Brian spotted this truck at Ken Fines truck repair. It’s hard to say if the rig is in for repairs or pulling duty as a yard jockey. 

What an amazing find Brian! Thanks for sharing.

Do you have an Autocar truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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NTEA Truck Show 2019

There are many trade shows out there but for those of us that enjoy trucks, especially vocational trucks, the annual NTEA Truck show in Indianapolis, IN is the ultimate destination.

Our friend Tom made his annual visit and came away these great shots.

It may seem counter intuitive but one of the main attention getters at the show was this restored 1987 Oshkosh.

This Mack Granite seems nicely equipped. It even comes with a tv on the side of the bed.

You can ride the rails in style with this International HV.

A Western Star 4700 in a SBA configuration. Love those stripes.

A beefy looking Western Star 4900.

Yup, this show is still on my bucket list.

Thanks for sharing Tom!

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The Western Star 4700 Bonanza

You can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing a Western 4700. It quickly is becoming the vocational truck of our times. Let’s look at a few.

An oil spreader of Callanan Industries.A new tractor for the growing dump fleet of Gypsum Express.

A new Tenco equipped truck for an unknown municipality.

A roll off on a very cold winter day for Syracuse Haulers.

A new plow truck for the Syracuse City School District.

And speaking of schools, the Canandaigua City School Districts keeps their children unhappy with this tandem axle 4700

Have you seen any 4700’s in your travels? Send ’em my way at eric@dailydieseldose.com.

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Still Working – 1986 Chevy Kodiak

As you probably know by now GM has started to get back into the medium to heavy duty truck game. For decades they had a strong showing in this market place before essentially walking away and leaving many loyal customers seeking business at the hands of their former competitors. Only time will tell how well their new product offerings will stack up to the well received Kodiak and Topkick trucks of the past. Here we see if an example of a 1986 Kodiak currently owned by the Fisher Companies. Fisher trucks are no stranger to this website. Over the years we’ve seen more than a few examples of their well-maintained fleet of older trucks and equipment that are still capable of putting in a full day’s work with ease.

This Kodiak came to Fisher after a tenure with the Locke fire department. As with many fire trucks the mileage was low with this particular trucmodel only having 20,000 on the odometer. After refurbishment it is was ready for duty with the train derailment crew.

Thanks for the share Vaughn!

For past coverage of Fisher construction trucks click here.

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Autocar Mondays – Hungry Cows

Did you know the average dairy cow eats 100 pounds of food each day? That’s a whole lot of munchies when you consider most farms have far more than just one cow in the barn. Head out into the country around these parts and it won’t be long until you see a Newton Ag Services truck hauling silage or a whole lot of poop. This particular truck handles the cleaner side of the equation. With tractor style tires in the rear its capable of handling most any section of the American Farm.

Make sure to check out Newton Ag’s facebook page (link above) for more photos of this truck and many more of the great rigs they run.

Do you have an Autocar truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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NEMF 1977-2019

*Editors Note* This story was to be published three weeks ago but was delayed due to technical difficulties.

The historic LTL carrier New England Motor Freight suddenly announced yesterday plans to voluntarily enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy and cease operations. News of the bankruptcy came as a shock to the LTL community as capacity within the trucking segment is at near historic highs. Specific reasons were not provided as to why bankruptcy was the only option but industry experts suspect that carrier was too reliant on major contracts from one or two major clients that left little room for margin in already highly competitive market. Ten other subsidiaries of NEMF also fall by the wayside including the well know Eastern Freightways.

For true industry insight check out this article over at Logistics Management.com

I always enjoyed seeing NEMF trucks on the road as the company kept up a livery of colors other than white. It was also fun to pronounce the company acronym. Fun fact, the company was founded in 1977 by Myron Shevell. Myron’s daughter is Nancy who just happens to be married to Sir Paul McCartney.

Now that Excellence in Motion has become a fallen flag lets let back on some photos from years past in this memorial gallery.

It’s ironic that the many folks blame the dog eat dog state of the modern trucking industry to deregulation. Usually it’s regulation that stifles an industry but in this case the exact opposite has occurred. Poor old government, can’t win for trying.

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Still Working – International Eagle

Has this truck been featured on this site before? Maybe it was a truck that looked similar. I’ve been meaning to grab a shot of this truck for sometime now. I figured my lazy ways would lead to me missing it but for unknown reasons this truck seems to have been parked for good.

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Still Working – Ford L9000 Dump Truck

I figured it was time to get a better shot of this International dozer that has been working a project in Cicero, NY for many a year…..but that didn’t turn out to be possible.

While I wasn’t able to get a cleaner shot I did come away with this photo of setback axle Ford L9000 dump truck.

Sometimes you have to play the cards you’re dealt.

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