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I ditched cable along time ago mostly because I couldn’t stomach throwing away increasing sums of money each month on an activity that rots your brain. After all, the internet is my weapon of choice for that activity nowadays. But one of the things I do miss from cable are the reality TV shows based around cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. The streaming services really haven’t been able to fill that void until recently and even now they are still far behind networks like Discovery and History. The other day I saw an advertisements for a new Amazon Prime video series called RoadLife which appears to be produced my Mack trucks. The teaser videos are short on details so I’m not really sure how long the episodes might be. Or how many there might be. Facts seem to be in low supply all around. It might just end being a glorified commercial. Who knows. Either way, if you have Amazon Prime you can catch the series debut on June 16th.

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Cash Is King

You hear a lot these days about the end of government sponsored currency, aka, the cash in your wallet. The experts claim digital currency (Bitcoin, etc) will be become the choice of payment in the future. Some claim it is already here while other claim it has already failed. At the moment one thing is sure. Cash is still king and as long as it is the armored car will have a place in our society.

Hugh shares with us some shots of new rigs as they leave the their manufacturing facility in Quebec, Canada for their new homes. The handsome fellow seen below sits on a Freightliner chassis.

Hugh tells us the trucks are often placed two per trailer . However they are never mixed with trucks of the competition.

This tandem axle Peterbilt looks like a truck that would be used to carry large amounts of coin or other precious metals from one central location to another. It’s hard to tell just by looking if contains upgrades over the standard Peterbilt cab. The glass does appear to be thicker which would imply that extra steel has also been added to the doors.

Thanks for sharing Hugh!

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Still Working – White Road Boss

Wow. Two Road Boss sightings in about two months time. Where am I? Have I fallen into a dimension where the 80’s never ended? I can think of worse fates to endure that’s for sure. Anyway, the Boss is looking good. As you can expect all all White trucks sporting the corporate cab rust has started to set in above the windshield but thanks to a fiberglass hood this truck has had held up well. Maybe someday I’ll catch it on the road.

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Heavy Construction Action

It’s the dawn of summer and that means construction is back in full swing. Most of the machines in the video below we saw in photograph form a few days ago. There is plenty of heavy iron action here including dozers, loaders, excavators and dump trucks. My personal favorite happens to be the Volvo wheel loader. It has an classic look to it.

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Human Engineered

Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Youtube recently? Here is another great one from 1969 featuring equipment rollovers, product testing and of course, amazing period correct music.

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Custom Construction Equipment

With the royal wedding coming up (HA!) it’s only fitting that I share this photo of the Queen Mary.

What. Is. This?

This past weekend while travelling back from Palmyra, NY there was a nasty accident that closed RT 31 in both directions. The detour just happened to run behind the Wayne County Highway Department garage. A few seconds after driving by these machines I knew a U-Turn was order. What you are seeing are two home made road wideners. This first, The Queen Mary, appears to be built on a Mack chassis based on the style of spoke wheels upfront. A 6-71 Detroit is reverse mounted while the operator sits to one side. I don’t know how old these machines are but they have to be pushing 50 years based on the visual clues of their former truck bodies. Perhaps the spreaders are newer? Anyway, this kind of equipment is a wonderful throwback to when custom equipment was often home built by towns and counties.

Both machines seem to be in well maintained shape with clean paint and well labeled operator consoles. The Wayne Spreader even seems to have some form of old Continental gas engine under the sheet metal. Any thoughts on the original make? I’ve got nothing.

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Cat Diesel Power

From the Texas Archive of The Moving Image enjoy this classic title. The first three minutes of this video are nothing but pure gold. It’s full of trucks of many kinds with great sound. After that point it gets a little dry if you don’t enjoy scenes of engines being rebuilt to disco music. 

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Ford C8000

Ahhhh, the truck show that really isn’t a truck, the annual Palmyra truck and heavy equipment auction. You can always count on at least one old rig to make an appearance. In years past it was Brockway and Autocar. This time around it’s the long livedFord C8000.

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Rando Construction

I often neglect my heavy construction equipment fans and for that I’m sorry. Enjoy these random shots I collected during my lunch break today just for you.

I’m not sure why the parking lot isn’t being hauled out as it is removed but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Back in the late fall I made many trips up to “the hill”, the name bestowed upon the campus of Syracuse University, in a vain attempt to catch the demolition of a few buildings. The buildings are long gone and a big hole that will eventually transform into a foundation has begun to form. A nearby parking structure offers some decent site lines. Maybe I’ll make it back up there from time to time.

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Hire the Classics

Not too long ago I was in the market for a new driveway. The good people at Pro Pave were right at the top of my list with a very competitive quote and I figured they would my company of choice. After all, they run well maintained classics like two Ford LTL 9000 and these Aeromax twins. How could a self proclaimed truck lover such as myself choose anyone else! Well for some reason I did hire a different company and it’s a shame that I’ve carried around ever since.

I don’t have any complaints about the company that eventually paved my driveway. They did a wonderful job and the service was fantastic but as I watched a brand new Freightliner 108SD dumping a load of blacktop I just couldn’t help but feel I had made the wrong choice.

Hopefully, in time, the classic truck community can forgive me. Until then, look at this Diamond Reo again.

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