At the Dealer – August 2020 Report

Wow, look at these new trucks in a color other than white! Suddenly they look appealing to the eye. Here, a matching pair of International HX520 at Stadium International.

Across town at Tracey Road and stunning and incredibly bright red Western Star 4900

Even the ubiquitous M2 looks great in a color other than fleet white. And how about that 4700 with not one but two colors! Insane!

And finally over at Beam Mack we see that orders for NYSDOT lowboy tractors are still being fulfilled.


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Still Working – Ford F600

Not too long ago the thought of Ford F-600’s still working would have been a silly concept. They were a very popular model at the time and could be found all over the country be used in various capacities. As the years have wore on fewer and fewer of those old trucks are to be found. For awhile now I’ve tried to catch a good shot of this matching pair of F-600 owned by aggregate giant, Hanson.

I think I managed to pull it off.

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Lost and Found – John Deere 760 Scraper

I went searching for a pair of older Ford dump trucks the other day when I stumbled across this John Deere 760 (presumably) scraper. It is hanging out at a staging area for the paving of RT-5 through Canastota, NY. With all the newer equipment hanging around and the stockpiles or raw materials it almost looks like it is part of the job.

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Brockway 776 Snow Plow

The following video is fun and educational!

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2019 ATCA Upper Canada

The ATCA Upper Canada truck show is a great show. But despite all its greatness I usually do a poor job of covering this event. By the time mid August rolls around I’ve already attended numerous shows that have filled up my camera, burned my skin, and tested the patience of my wife. I tend to get lazy and coast on the bounty of the year knowing that at least two or three other big shows are waiting in the wings. Boy o boy have times changed. I feel like that grasshopper that sat around singing all summer while the ants busily prepared for the lean times to come. Good times will never end! But of course they do.

Back in 2019 I deemed this footage unworthy of sharing but through the lens of 2020 it seems inspired, transcendent, and life affirming.

Considering I have any footage all I guess I not completely like the grasshopper. This year the ATCA Upper Canada show is going virtual. Check it out here.


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Classic Cruising

The video will tell you all you need to know!

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2020 Virtual Brockway Truck Show

The BTPA is still planning on hosting a 2020 National Brockway Truck show this year. The event has been scaled back to a one day show that will take place partially at the CNY Living History Center and most likely Greek Peak Resort. Details are still being confirmed as the guideposts from State and local officials change on a near hourly basis.

To supplement the national show and give everyone a chance to participate a virtual show will also be held. Please send in your Brockway truck photos along with all the pertinent details.

  • Name
  • Home Town
  • Year of Truck
  • Model
  • Any other details on history, restoration, past life, etc.

The deadline to submit is July 20th. The virtual show will kick of August 1st on the BTPA official youtube channel.

Email your photos to

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Two for One

If you are in the market for a heavy wrecker it seems like you have three choices of trucks to choose from. Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star. Keep your eyes peeled the time you are on the road and tell me when you spot a new heavy duty tow truck that isn’t one of these threes.

Hugh spotted this one at Roosevel & Sons in Canajoharie, NY. Anytime I’m on the NYSTA I make sure to pay attention when passing by their shop as their is always something cool to be seen.

And out near the NY/VT border the famous east coast heavy hauler J. Supor and Sons was spotted with this large load of electrical equipment.

Cool shots Hugh. Thanks for sharing.

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The Nicest S2500 in the World – Part II

I found it again, the nicest S2500 in the world. This time it was at Fulton Spring Service with a freshly installed dump body. A company name, Clear-A-Way All Season Service, has also been applied to the doors. I would say this truck is finally ready to hit the road and starting earning the big bucks at a fraction of the cost of a new truck. If International brough back the S-Series they wouldn’t be able to build them fast enough. But then again, I am very delusional when it comes to these trucks.

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Goodbye Walt

Walt the Crane became an immediate fixture in the Syracuse skyline from the very first day it grazed the clouds of the Salt City. His arrival was long foretold and his presence seemed permanent. But yet, he is gone. I was wandering around the deserted streets of the city last week during lunch when I spied these two trucks from AmQuip threading their way to the dome.

I tailed the pair all the way up to the Dome. I almost caught them a time or two but was undone by unwillingness to run while wearing a shirt and tie.

The crane convoy really broke away when I had to make a detour to avoid a completely naked man standing on street corner. The police quickly arrived and without much prompting convinced the man to take a free ride to the local hospital he presumably wandered out of.

Once I caught up with my pray I was shocked to see Walt was gone. I knew he was gone before I got there but it seemed like he snuck out overnight. He certainly left town without any of the fan fair he received when he arrived. I can’t help but think I should have spent more time up at the dome over the past year. The project underway is truely generational in its scope and scale.

My buddy works for a local recycling company that is charging 2,000 dollars a trailer load to get rid of the used crane mats that were on this job. I’m not sure if all the mats they are grinding came from this job or another big project replacing high voltage transmission towers but either way it shows that recycling works….if you’re the one getting paid!

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