2018 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – The Photos

It might be one of the last shows of the year but it’s one of the best shows of the year. That’s right, we’re talking about the ATHS Hudson Mohawk annual truck show in Ballston Spa, NY. You’ve seen the videos now enjoy a photo or two. Or three. As usual the Hudson Mohawk guys did a wonderful job hosting this event. The show grounds were absolutely packed with what I can only assume was a record number of trucks.

There is always a fantastic variety of trucks on hand at this show. From the immaculate Peterbilt to the hard worn Brockway.

To the innovate International Loadstar sporting Cargostar headlight buckets and a Fleetstar grill. Surprise! It happened to be one of my favorites.

What a show!

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ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part II

The name tells you all you need to know. 🙂

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2018 ATHS Hudson Mohawk

The name tells you all you need to know.

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Autocar Mondays – Amazing Autocar

I’ve gotta admit, the turn out of Autocars at classic truck shows this year has been a tad disappointing. I guess they are still to busy out the the job working for a living. My last hope for the season was the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show in Ballston Spa, NY. As you can see below, the show did not disappoint.

This 1987 Autocar with Cat power looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. The condition of this truck is simply stunning from stem to stern. Nothing was out of place and it clearly shows that even a 31 year old truck still has the style and power to hang with the new rigs.  R.D. Postulka Contractors is the proud owner and daily users of this fine machine. 

But the Autocar goodness doesn’t stop with this truck. There were a few more of them on hand that we’ll look at next week. Until then, here is a little teaser from the coming show video.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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Jeep CJ10A Diesel Powered Jeep

Ah, government surplus. Two words that just seem odd when paired together. Earlier this week I stopped by the semi annual auction of state vehicles at the regional NYSDOT HQ. This year the object of my attention was a collection of diesel powered Jeeps. Yup, you read that right. Nowadays a diesel powered Jeep is not that difficult to obtain but what about back in i986? During the height of the cold war around 2300 of these unique CJ variant Jeeps were produced by AMC. They were designed for the USAF to move equipment tugs and aircraft. A six cylinder Nissan diesel (the very same used by International in the Scout) was dropped under between the square fenders and behind the ten slat front grill. A simple three speed automatic transmission was bolted to a transfer case permanently locked in low range to help give more grunt to these little Jeeps than the tiny Nissan could produced on its own. With heavy front and rear bumpers and 2000 pounds of ballast in the rear these little trucks topped the scale at 6000 pounds with a final tow capacity of about 21 tons. Yikes!

All of these trucks were marked as running and in fairly good shape considering many of the other lots. NYSDOT used these trucks at the New York State Fair to pull trams around the grounds for a variety of years before being replaced by new Chevy pickups. Rust and other defects were minimal. According the Jeep experts this model of Jeep shared the same underpinnings as the Wagoneer so it’s possible to chop and extend the frame to have an interesting trail rig.

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Sandvik – Glass Labyrinth

I probably couldn’t drive this Sandvik underground loader in straight line much less navigate it through a twisting labyrinth of glass panels. For over two decades Sandvik has been running automated machines like this in underground minds across the globe without a single accident attributed to the driver-less technology.

Effortless. If you’re interested, click here for the behind the scenes footage.


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Cellular Eye

I used to carry a camera around with me during my lunch break walks so I could be ready to capture that noteworthy truck or heavy piece of heavy equipment. Despite the general amount of crazy behavior that takes place on any given downtown street corner I always felt that I was the one drawing the most attention to myself. Thankfully the rise of the cell phone camera has allowed me to melt into the shadows while taking a halfway decent photograph. In this day and age no one thinks twice about seeing someone with a phone plastered in their face.

Here we see SR-2 of the Syracuse Fire Department. Yes, it’s not red. The first time I saw this truck I had to wonder if Syracuse was returning to yellow fire trucks after a decade or more hiatus. I know some purists out there didn’t like the yellow rigs but I was down with them. Anyway, I little digging through various Facebook groups indicates this truck will someday (already does?) belong to the Syracuse International Airport once repairs to Station 1’s original rescue truck are complete.

Just about two blocks east of this photograph I came across Jim’s Towing hooking up to a broken FedEx truck. The world on a hook.

This ain’t your daddy’s deuce and a half. As a matter of fact this is a full blown five ton monster capable of crossing the deepest rivers and steepest hills. Currently you can find it traversing the potholes of downtown Syracuse which perhaps might the biggest challenge it will ever face. 

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It’s Bigger

A thoroughly tested and job proved machine. The new Series H D8 by Caterpillar. Visit your local dealer today for more information.

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The Final Trucks

Wow. I’ve made three post (including this one) all week! Lazy! Lazy! Lazy! And let us continue that trend with the final trucks that I captured on film from the ATHS National show in Lexington, Kentucky. There are a few good ones mixed in here but I can tell from watching this video that by this point in the show my mind was starting to drift back home.

This is definitely the last video but there might be a few more photo posts here and there. To check back on the coverage of this fine show click here.

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Highway Expo 2018

If you look closely you’ll notice that leaves are starting to turn and there is a slight chill in the air each morning. These natural signs can only mean one thing. The Highway Expo is just around the corner. This year show organizers have put a call for vintage trucks and heavy equipment. I really hope this part of the event takes off an becomes a regular feature. Do you have an antique you would like to display? If so, check out the contact information noted below.

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