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I saved the best for last. On the way back from the Harford show I came across this old IH Fleetstar. I had actually seen it on the way out but I was going to fast to turn around without possibly flipping my vehicle.

Halfway through my journey home I decided to take a different route and quickly came across this collection of heavy equipment parked upon a hill. The age of the pull scraper has come and gone as far as I know. Too bad. They look cool.

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Pregaming in most cases involves drinking large amounts of alcohol outside of your sports stadium of choice but in my world it means taking the back roads to a truck show and stopping roughly every ten minutes take pictures of, you guessed it, trucks.

My journey to the 2019 ATCA Northeastern PA classic truck show began on the back roads of Madison County.

Munro Trucking just outside of Cincinnatus, NY had an interesting fleet of older trucks in the lot including three Superliners and Kenworth A-Model (not pictured). Further down the street there was yet another collection of Macks and other heavy equipment spread across multiple lots.

Check out the large scraper bowl hanging in the weeds.

This Mack might require some engine work but the access is easy!

And believe it or not there was sooo much more along this one little stretch of road. I wish I had taken more photos but I didn’t want to seem like more of a creeper than I already was. The trip back turned up a few cool rigs as well. Check back tomorrow.

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Still Working – International Loadstar 1600

After spending the entire day at the National Brockway show what is the best way to wind down and enjoy the evening? Go look at more trucks is the obvious answer. So I did what anyone else would do and took a trip down the road to the little town of Groton, NY. My original target was a pair of Brockways and a Walter Snowfighter that were up for auction. I was sidetracked on my mission when I spotted this perfectly mint International Loadstar out of the corner of my eye.

Belonging to the local DPW everything about this IH is vintage right down to the sewer jet system on the back. What a survivor! 

More info to follow on the Brockways and Walter.

More info to follow on the National Brockway Truck Show.


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2019 ATCA Endless Mountain Truck Show

Whoa. I’ve actually finished a video within two days of the actual event! What’s going on around here? 

Anyway…..the 29th annual Endless Mountain Truck show has come and gone. As always, it was a great show with plenty of regular favorites mixed with new faces. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

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Autocar Mondays – Interstate Safety Service

What’s better than owning one Autocar? Owning two!

Interstate Safety Service of Clarks Summit brought two fine examples of the Autocar nameplate to the 2019 ATCA Northeastern PA truck show in Harford. The crane truck is a 1982 DC64B. It has aluminum rims all around and a Galion crane powered by a Detroit!

The tractor is a 1988 DK64B and is setup as your classic east coast heavy haul truck. For those of you with a long memory you might recall seeing this truck at the 2015 ATHS National Show in York, PA. It looks just as good moving as it does standing still.

Great rigs!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Dump Truck Duo

Back when these trucks were new I probably wouldn’t have given them a second look but now that they have aged they are more worthy of a photograph. The yellow Freightliner was a former Onondaga County DOT unit. It’s been out of the fleet for at least five or ten years now and it still looks pretty good. It must have been a real steal.

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The Gambler

By now must of us are familiar with the vintage training video Shake Hands With Danger produced by Caterpillar in the early 80’s but what about the The Gambler? No, we are not talking about the Kenny Rogers song. Perhaps laying the ground work for SHWD, The Gambler blazes a similar path to safety by recreating more than a few shudder inducing scenarios when it comes to the inherent danger of operating heavy equipment. As a new parent the scene of little boys playing under a raised bulldozer blade was almost too much to watch. Take a look. The life you save might just be your own.

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Hay Now

Oh boy. Can you feel it coming? That’s right…fall is around the corner. Pretty soon you’ll notice more of these old tractors popping up in your local farm fields. Luscious waves of green are steadily turning a light brown. Deep stands of corn are falling to the combine. And yes, pumpkin flavored treats are now available in every coffee shop across America. All you can do is embrace the unrelenting march of the seasons.

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IHI Excavator

IHI????? That’s what I thought when I saw this machine a few weeks ago at a local ski center. At first I thought it might be the name of the company that operates this excavator but other markings indicated that IHI was indeed the brand name. Google doesn’t turn up much for this nameplate other than some links to mini excavators under the Kato U.S. website. As it turns IHI is a Japanese industrial concern that makes just about everything. If you’re so inclined you can visit their website here.

Now you can tell your friends and family you saw an IHI.

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2019 ATHS Reno – Part 2

Well, I thought this site would have a few more posts since the last entry but that didn’t happen so here is part 2 of the rolling footage from the 2019 ATHS National Convention in Reno, Nevada.

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