Old Cats

I have quite the old cat collection. As a matter of fact I have three. The first is a 2007 model tuxedo. The general condition is good with only a few missing teeth in the mouth. The second is a 2008 tabby in excellent condition that is still capable of high-speed operation. The third is another tuxedo of an unknown vintage due to a missing data plate. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not talking about caterpillar equipment but actually cats of the feline variety.

I’ve been eyeing this old grader for a long time now and even stopped for a picture a few times but either the light or my laziness conspired to ruin the photograph. But, finally after years of trying I was able to capture the near perfect photo of this old girl.

Right next door is a more active loader. This one gets around town and possibly has been on this site before. I’m a busy man and haven’t had time to check.

On the old scale this loader is the newest of the bunch but certainly up their in years. It was working with a drill rig to place large steel pilings along a city street. Reason unknown.

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Autocar Mondays – Broken Back

The DC line of Autocar trucks has a long and storied career. My personal favorite happens to be the earlier models with the rounded grill and classic Autocar hood emblem. This old truck looks like it is ready to roll out of its exile but a nasty crack running running the length of the frame probably means it will continue to sit and watch the wild flowers grow.

This particular model of DC also rocks the old style dash with white faced gauges. Perfection!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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Tired Western Star

This old Western Star and your favorite truck website have alot in common. They both are not being used to their full potential. 

But hope spring eternal. Lord knows I have plenty of cool rigs to share with you all but I just can’t seem to find the time. BUT… I’m going to keep on trying if you’ll keep on visiting. Truck show season is just around the corner!

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Mack Truck with a Detroit Diesel

Not all Mack Trucks have a Detroit Diesel under the hood but some do. We call those tracks awesome. While it might seem sacrilegious to some there were more than a few bulldogs that left the factory with something other then pure Mack components. In this case the pedigree was mixed with a 318 Detroit Diesel. This means the truck never wore the vaunted gold bulldog on the hood but the screaming Jimmy more then makes up for that exclusion.

The plans for this truck are many. Stay tuned to see how they turn out.

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Autocar Mondays – How Much Wood

How many cords of wood can a Autocar DC 9964 haul? I’m not sure of the exact answer but it’s probably much more than a woodchuck could chuck.

Current power in the truck comes from a 335 Cummins paired to a 5+4 gear box. Heavy duty rockwell suspension and rears complete the idea dump truck formula.

Check out that rock body. All solid steel. During the warmer months this DC hauls crushed green stone for tennis and basketball courts.

Thanks to Clarence for the pics! If you have any Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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Still Working – International Transtar II

Well would you look at this, an International Transtar II still working in 2019. Or at least parked. Andy came across the pair in a local parking lot where they have sat for most of the winter. It’s uncommon enough to see the 9670 on the highways but the Transtar II is clearly a relic and most often seen at classic truck shows nowadays.

All in all it still looks road worthy. Both trucks wear lettering of Lighting Services Inc which by their own admission happen to be the premiere manufacturer of track, accent, display, and LED lighting systems.

Most likely their presences is tied to the nearby state sponsored hi-tech manufacturing plant of LED lighting products. I will say nothing more on that topic for fear of sounding like political obsessed boob.

Great catch Andy. Thanks for the share.

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We Come From The Future

Wow! Check out this brand spanking new heavy wrecker spotted by Hugh at local Peterbilt dealer.

Riding on a Peterbilt 567 the NRC wrecker out back has a 65 ton capacity, a standard 50,000lbs winch and a 367″ boom reach.

God only knows how much this setup costs but I assume it’s a little more than you or I can afford. 😉

Thanks for the share Hugh!

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Medium Mack

Have you heard the rumors? Mack Trucks is looking to get into the crowded medium duty market. GM has recently muscled back into the fray with help from Navistar and most causal observes suspect Ram will be increasing the options soon.

You can read all the details here but job postings recently removed were seeking engineers for a small, quick moving project near Salem, Virginia. Could we expect a clean sheet design? Probably not. Most likely make with pair with an existing small truck builder and working on “brand engineer” to create a Mack product.

The last time Mack offered a true medium duty truck was the Mid-Liner.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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Autocar Mondays – Single Axle DC

Well this is a great find! A 1953 DC single axle still plated and working in Binghamton, NY.

Brian spotted this truck at Ken Fines truck repair. It’s hard to say if the rig is in for repairs or pulling duty as a yard jockey. 

What an amazing find Brian! Thanks for sharing.

Do you have an Autocar truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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NTEA Truck Show 2019

There are many trade shows out there but for those of us that enjoy trucks, especially vocational trucks, the annual NTEA Truck show in Indianapolis, IN is the ultimate destination.

Our friend Tom made his annual visit and came away these great shots.

It may seem counter intuitive but one of the main attention getters at the show was this restored 1987 Oshkosh.

This Mack Granite seems nicely equipped. It even comes with a tv on the side of the bed.

You can ride the rails in style with this International HV.

A Western Star 4700 in a SBA configuration. Love those stripes.

A beefy looking Western Star 4900.

Yup, this show is still on my bucket list.

Thanks for sharing Tom!

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