Red Headed Step Children

The acquisition of White Motor Company in the early 80’s by Volvo and the subsiquent purchase of GM’s heavy truck operations led to a confusing time as far as nameplates are concerned. On their slow evolution to becoming Volvos the early WhiteGMC trucks have slowly faded away are routinely overlooked by truck fans as being some sort of unholy creation. That’s too bad because these trucks really aren’t that hard to look at. This White WC made it through the years fairly unscathed until recently I would guess but is now showing signs of neglect.

Also from the WC line is this truck working with a bridge repair crew. I spotted this near an I-81 exit and immediately knew it was worth a picture. Some day when all cars and trucks drive themselves the children of the future will be amazed and disgusted with human operated vehicles.

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Autocar Mondays – DC97 with Sleeper

John sent in this interesting photo of an Autocar DC97 that he spotted south of Cortland while rail fanning. My first thought upon seeing the photo was if the Cortland referenced in the photo credit was the Cortland? As in Cortland, New York better known as Huskie Town USA? Turns out the answer is yes. Who knew such a great an unique looking rig was in my backyard right under my own nose.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the fate of this truck as it appears to be heading in the right direction with cleaned up rims and new shoes all the way around. It looks like someone has been working on the sheet metal too. When finished this rig should be a real head turner. If you have any info on it drop me a line.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email for more!

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International K-Series Collector

Today down in Landsdale, PA an unique collection of International Trucks (and a few others) from the estate of Harvey Lower went up for auction. Being the consummate IHC man that I am I briefly toyed with the idea of making the drive down but decided that I would rather spending the morning in bed. Besides, why tempt myself with vehicles that I can’t have? Thankfully long time Daily Diesel Dose supporter Marc lives in the area and made the journey out to view the trucks and other items. He was even nice enough to share a few photos with us.

Now which one to choose?

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Hylab 5

Almost two years ago the telecommunications giant Verizon decided to change their corporate logo. It’s been out for a while now on things like billing statements and service vans. You’ve probably become used to it by now if Verizon has any presence in your part of the world. While swapping a logo on a van isn’t the easiest thing to do it’s a walk in the park compared to replacing an illuminated sign about two times the size of an average billboard….eight stories of the ground. For that bit of work you’re going to need the 300 ton monster that is the Link Belt 348 Hylab 5.

For most of the week now assembly has been taking place on a closed one section block of downtown Syracuse. Once assembled I’m guessing the Link Belt and crews from JPW will be lifting elements of the new sign into place. A scaffolding has been in a place for a month now and actually was used to remove the old signage. Perhaps a heavier lift is due to take place?

Only time will tell. You know I’ll do my best to bring you the coverage. 🙂

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2017 ATCA Uncle Sam – The Video

The title says it all!

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2017 ATCA Uncle Sam

After years of false starts and last minute poor planning that failed I finally made it to the annual Uncle Sam chapter show of the ATCA. While waiting to enter the parking lot behind a Oshkosh HEMTT I could only wonder why I had waited so long to attend this show.

This club is home to notable Brockway collectors Clarence Ritchie and Andy Hill and for obvious reasons is considered the primer to the National Brockway Show in Cortland, NY. I believe no less than 20 Brockways were on the show grounds. Thanks to the hard work of Clarence and his friends the complete lineup of 700 series trucks were present. It is believed to be the first collection of its kind ever assembled in one location and owned by the same individual. Models from left to right 758, 759, 760, 761, 762, 776.

Just a few weeks prior to the show Andy was reunited with a truck originally owned new by his grandfather. Years of searching, following leads, and keeping tabs on the truck by Andy and his friends eventually came to fruition when the truck returned home. This 361 is powered by a 6-71 Detroit connected to a 20 speed gearbox. Check out the ATCA Uncle Sam chapter Facebook page for the complete details of the journey home.

If you’re in the area next year and looking for a truck show I highly recommend stopping by the Washington County Fairgrounds and spending the day with the great people and trucks of the ATCA Uncle Sam Chapter.

Are you ready for a mega gallery of show photos?

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Autocar Mondays – Looking For A Deal

The common path for many looking to make their own way in the trucking industry is to purchase an old truck and put it to use. Usually the pickings are slim and whatever is found requires costly repairs. But if your a smart shopper you pickup something like this 1991 Autocar ACL used at a county auction. This past fall Onondaga County cut this pristine and meticulously maintained truck (and trailer) from their fleet for a paltry 14,000 dollars. Yes, at face that sounds like a lot but this truck is ready to hit the ground running and make the money. As a matter of fact it’s already doing so. The photos below are from an auction I attended this past weekend. So yes, this is the second go around for the truck in the past nine months. This time however the tractor and the trailer were sold separately to maximize profits.

From the original listing we see that someone actually did some repairs to various rust spots found on the truck. I feel like an opportunity was missed for this truck to be on an episode of Wheeler Dealers. Or maybe, just maybe, someone should make a TV series about flipping heavy trucks…

Anyway, this truck has a Cummins N14, 46k pound rears, 3 stage Jake break, and a 15 speed trans. Now the search is on to find the Autocar Paystar lowboy hauler that was sold at the same time…..

Do you have an Autocar that should be featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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PSA 452-721

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Repeating Trucks

As I continue posting photos of the 2017 ATHS National Convention I find it harder and harder to recall exactly which ones of the 600 or more photos taken I have already shared. I usually work within a system but this time around I’ve just been going to the folder and digging deep. The first 25 photos that come back as original get posted. Looking through the past coverage of the show I’ve found a few rigs that had more than one moment in the sun. However, I think this group is all original….with the exception of the GMC pulling the trailer. That truck is a repeat but at least from a different angle

Do you think this 1945 White 6×6 was a former military rig? It came to the show with an equally impressive 2000 Mack DMM.


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Bucyrus Erie Hydrocrane

As you know I’m a daily visitor to the government surplus clearing house that is Auctions International. A few years back the Town of Tonawanda, NY was auctioning off a International Loadstar with a strange looking crane on the back. At the time I thought it was a cool unit worth saving but figured it would probably just go for scrap as it was listed in non running condition. Outside of a few special like minded individuals most just see a hunk of steel. I saved a few pictures from AI and moved on with life. Imagine my surprise this past Sunday morning when I arrived to the CNY ATHS chapter show and saw that old beast from so many years ago in fully operational condition.

Not only did someone save the truck but they brought it back to CNY and have been using it around their property for the past few years. True to the auction inspection details the truck was not running. While it would turn over with gas placed in the carb it wouldn’t catch and stay running. A little poking around revealed that both the truck and the Ford power unit for the crane ran from the same tank. A loose hose was found and reconnected which quickly solved the engine problems for good.

Loading the truck onto the trailer for the journey home turned out to be the hardest part. A leaking hydraulic system meant that all four outriggers need to be manually ratcheted into their closed position. With the engine running and just a little bit of braking power to be had the loading process turned out to be an adventure. With just a few inches to go before success the teeth of the clam shell bucket bit into the ground. Fortunately town employees were able to help push the truck onto the trailer with their front loader.

The Bucyrus Hydrocrane represents a time when the construction equipment world was in transition between cable and hydraulics machines. The Hydrocrane is memorable combination of the two systems. On most modern cranes the cable drum action is provided through a hydraulicaly operated drum. In the the Hydrocrane no such device is to be found. The operator lets out a length of cable from a spool located behind his seat. The cable then runs through a series of pulleys mounted in a cage near the rear of the machine. This cage is raised and lowered through a hydraulic ram which in turn moves the cable in our out. Despite the Rube Goldberg style of engineering the system works! I saw it with my own eyes.

The Hydrocrane has many modern amenities including a three stage boom (1st stage manually powered) and a 360 rotating turntable. A unique locking system on the rear axle keeps the truck still for those jobs when you need to do some light lifting but can be bothered to screen with outriggers. With just 1100 on the power unit and 21000 on the truck this odd combo is still capable of putting in a days work. The truck was used by the town water department to pull pumping equipment for maintenance. Lest you think this equipment is outdated I’ve been told that Tonawada still has a second Hydrocrane mounted on a “newer” chassis and use it on regular basis!

Thanks to current owner Kevin for taking the time to explain the operation and history of this truck. He also put on a few demonstrations throughout the day the drew large crowds for obvious reasons. My how times have changed.

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