New Mack Trucks

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Mean Green Machine

Hi! Welcome to Daily Monthly Diesel Dose! I apologize for the massive delay in updates but life has a way pushing our hobbies to the back burner.

Some how I’ve managed to carve out five seconds to share this photo of an old International S-Series of Ken’s Paving. Ken’s runs a vintage stable of S-Series. They don’t see work in the winter which spares them from the ravages of road salt. I’m sure the drivers wouldn’t mind a new truck with all the fancy comforts of home but if it’s not broke don’t fix it.


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Trucktoberfest 2019

Trucktoberfest 2019 took place last weekend at the Mack Trucks Historical Museum and Customer Center. As per tradition the events of the day concluded with a spin around the former test track. It truely is the highlight of the show for both drivers and spectators.

As I understand it this show is set to take place every other year. See you in 2021!

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Lost and Found – GMC Logger

I went looking for pumpkins with the family the other day and came across this GMC logger. Does it run? Who knows. If it did…would you drive it? Even as a site truck you’d be asking for trouble. 10-1 there is a green leaker under the hood

BTW, we did find out pumpkins.

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ATHS Reno – Looking at Trucks Part IV

Wow, it’s October and I’m still trotting out material from the ATHS show in Reno. Yikes! Hope I can’t share it all before Springfield rolls around. Anyway, here is Part IV of the Looking at Trucks series. This is the final narration video from the national show although there might be one more moving around video. ETA 2021.

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Lost and Found – Walter Snow Plow

In many parts of the country the Walter name plate doesn’t ring many bells but here in the home country of Upstate NY you can still find more than a few of these snowfighters lurking in fields and yes, even still in active service. I love the look of this old truck from the red beacon to the dual airhorns. Hugh spotted this retiree enjoying country life in Westport, NY. Great capture!

And in case you didn’t believe my previous statement of Walters still readily available for purchase check out this Auctions International sale from the Town of Skaneateles with not one but two!

Town of Skaneateles Walter auction.

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Son of Walt

Well, my fascination with the Liebherr LR11000 mega crane towering over the Carrier Dome has cooled somewhat in the past month. Yes, I still stare at it during my drive to work and that probably won’t stop until I rear end someone but daily walks up “the hill” don’t seem as fun anymore. While my love isn’t what it used to be the SU students have stepped in to fill the void. Within days of classes resuming an Instagram account was established under the name of Walt the Crane. Walt already has 3,530 followers and a line of merchandise. Guess I missed the boat on that one.

Walt has now been joined by a “smaller crane”, an LR 1750 that has taken up residence on the other side of the dome. They are the newest power couple in town. Here we see the Son of Walt when he was nothing more than a set of tracks and some boom pieces.

Make sure you stop by this section of for a live video stream, photos of crane assembly and more. It by far eclipses my lazy coverage.

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In Place Asphalt Replacement

I was cruising down RT 13 between Chittenango and Cazenovia last weekend when I came across this veritable train of equipment belonging to Highway Rehabilitation Corp. If you know anything about that stretch of road you know it is full of twisty turns and steep grades. By no means is it a road that semi trucks typically call home but here were not less than four Kenworths loaded down with oil encrusted hazard placard equipment.

It turns out that all this fancy looking stuff is used for in place asphalt replacement. If you were to watch this magic take place in person you would see old road in front of the truck with new road emerging near the rear of the convoy. It really is that simple. No dump trucks. No pavers. The video below will give you a idea of how this voodoo works.

I can attest that the sections of 13 that had already be repaved were indeed smooth and perfectly finished. I also had to do a double take when the construction zone sign indicated work for the next 26 miles. Can you imagine the headache if traditional milling was taking place for 26 miles. No thanks!

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2019 Brockway Truck Show

If you were unable to attend the 2019 Brockway Truck Show and you’re feeling down…stop! I have you covered. Here is the full parade!

Or if you prefer you can watch the parade from the right over the center line of RT 11!

While I wasn’t the one flying the drone it certainly has me thinking about the unique angles they can provide!

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Post Game

I saved the best for last. On the way back from the Harford show I came across this old IH Fleetstar. I had actually seen it on the way out but I was going to fast to turn around without possibly flipping my vehicle.

Halfway through my journey home I decided to take a different route and quickly came across this collection of heavy equipment parked upon a hill. The age of the pull scraper has come and gone as far as I know. Too bad. They look cool.

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