Still Working – B-Model Mack Pizza Oven

Food trucks are all the rage right now with many vendors content to rock some old FedEx style cube van but for those who need a true attention getter I give you this B-Model complete with wood fired brick pizza oven. I believe that pizza is the superior from of food and I’ll eat it in nearly any style, shape, or concept. And I mean that.  I’m even down with pizza in Bagel Bites form. I do not discriminate. I have to admit that eating wood fired pizza from the back of Mack truck, thus combining two of my favorite things, never crossed my mind and for that I am slightly ashamed. Open Hearth Pizza would be vendor of choice if I lived in Vermont mostly because of this truck. I bet it makes the pizza taste better.

Thanks to Hugh for sending this cool rig along!

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Know Your Speed

A speed limit is just a number painted on a reflective sign but in reality it’s so much more. Ignoring or simply not knowing the speed limit could result in a serious accident and at the very least some serious fines. That being said the limit for a vehicle pulling a trailer is not always what is posted on the sign. The good people over All Pro Trailer Super Store have done the number crunching for you and compiled this interesting list of limits for both the U.S. and Canada. You’ll notice the some states are fairly casual about trailer speed while others have it spelled out to the letter. Take a look and you might just learn something. 😉

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Warner Swasey and the Gang

The equipment is long gone but the memories still remain. We return the Luber Homes auction of this past spring and look at some of the lesser know excavators by the name of Warner Swasey, Badger, and Insley.

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P&H 4100XPB

Oh you have an electric car? That’s cute. How about this electric rope monster, the P&H 4100XPB. All electric here, available in either AC or DC currents depending on your persuasion.

Matt sends in this shot that a friend of his took while visiting Australia awhile back. Here we see a 4100XPB moving to a new mine site. In the frame we see two pusher trucks riding on a large rubber and planetary axles that seem positively puny by comparison. In real life those C-500’s (at least one of them is anyway) dwarfs the average road going semi. This really shouldn’t be a surprise as the model P&H is designed to load haul trucks with capacity rages from 218 to 363 metric tons.

And if you ever wondered how one might learn to operate one of these multi million dollar machines look no further than the very screen you are probably staring at.

If they sold this simulator as a video game I would buy it. Thanks to Matt for sending along this great video.

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Autocar Mondays – The Expert

I have never seen one of these Autocar models in real life. I guess that means I still have a few items to check off my bucket list before my time is up!

Hugh sends in this shot of an Autocar ACMD setup for line striping work of L & D Safety Marking of Barre, Vermont. Cabover trucks are the preferred setup for this type of work. Considering they don’t see any action during the winter coupled with legendary Autocar toughness I would expect this truck to be around for many a year. Thanks for sharing Hugh!

Do you have an Autocar Truck you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today! 


This was the 2,000 post on this site!

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Old Glory

I have to say, the website of the Nevada National Security Site is one of the more interesting government domains I have ever visited. And if the website is any indication than the actual 1,360 square mile physical facility (larger than Rhode Island) must be worth the visit.

Located in a remote, highly secure area of southern Nevada, the NNSS is a premier outdoor, indoor, and underground national laboratory. It is a preferred location for experiments supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)’s nuclear weapons Stockpile Stewardship Programs, national defense programs, and national security research, development and training programs, as well as vital programs of other federal agencies.

That description sounds a little dry but the NNSS is home to BEEF, the Big Experimental Explosives Facility. Anytime your dealing with big experimental explosives you must have big cranes. Case in point, this Manitowoc.

I have a feeling this might be a one off model. Anyone out there have a guess? By the way, the NNSS was holding a crane name contest for this old brute. Last I checked Leona was in the lead. At least that is better that Craney McCraneFace.

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At the Dealer – What’s In A Name

Here we see a pair of RH trucks, the latest regional haul offering by International Trucks. The RH replaces the Transtar line of trucks with what used to be the International Prostar. 

If your confused don’t feel bad. The Prostar name was dropped in favor of the LT, as seen below in daycab form. The LT is powered by the new International built A26 or the Cummins x15.

Most new trucks are flashing with plenty of accent chrome and aluminum wheels but this Western Star 4700 is nearly as plain as they come with steel rims all around and what even looks to be a steel box. Tastefully simple.

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Blue Oval Wonders

I don’t have much trouble coming across heavy Ford trucks from the mid 90’s. Makes you think that maybe, just maybe, Ford had a good thing going for them and was a little premature in selling off their heavies to Daimler Trucks North America. Dump trucks come from one of two creation paths. The first type originates from a blank slate in which a truck is ordered from the factory for the demanding life of hauling and dumping. The second follows a path that sees it start life as a tractor. Commonly the frame is lengthened but here we see a chopped job on Ford Aeromax LTL9000.

And what about this L9000? Chrome, grill and other sheet metal are looking good. Cat diesel powered is a strong guess. Gearing through an 8LL trans makes even more sense.

So what do you think? Did Ford miss the mark by getting out of heavy trucks?

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The Star Next Door

Time to take a look at some new Western Star snow plows. This first up is a Western Star 4900 for the town of Exeter, NY. This truck is rocking the 505 HP Detroit and an 18 speed Eaton. The manual transmission still exists!

Parked next the Exeter truck was this 4700 for the Town of Virgil. A more restrained DD13 and an auto transmission makes up the guts of this truck.

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Who Wore It Better

I know these trucks are not exactly equals in terms of the body out back but they are similar in concept. Which one would you rather drive? This shiny and new Freightliner 122SD presuabmly with cruise, A/C, satellite radio and heated seats or…

This tried and true Mack RD with none of the creature comforts listed above? Which one will still be with us in the next 10 years. Only the magic 8 Ball knows that answer for sure but you can probably guess my choice. 😉

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