Still Working – Ford L9000 Dump Truck

I figured it was time to get a better shot of this International dozer that has been working a project in Cicero, NY for many a year…..but that didn’t turn out to be possible.

While I wasn’t able to get a cleaner shot I did come away with this photo of setback axle Ford L9000 dump truck.

Sometimes you have to play the cards you’re dealt.

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My Classic Car

There is only one man in this modern age of ours that can rock the handle bar mustache and that man is Dennis Gage of the long running car show My Classic Car. Last year he paid to a visit to the greatest annual truck show around, the ATCA national meet in Macungie PA.

Watching the trailer made me a bit jealous that I wasn’t able to make the show last year but I know that Dennis found the coolest rigs and talked with their owners. I couldn’t help but point at the screen each time I saw a truck I recognized and none more so that when Ray Hildreth’s perfectly restored 361 played the backdrop for the show open.

The Macungie episode of my classic car is scheduled to air February 2nd at 8:30 AM EST on the MotorTrend network.

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Here Comes Tomorrow

I have never tried to hide the fact that I like International Trucks. In my personal ranking system I would put the S-Series in my top five all time favorites. Until this very moment I never knew that my humble S-Series had its very own theme song but it does! This video changes everything. The disco inspired tune is the opening salvo in a dealership video on why you, the average truck buyer, should purchase the all new model. I’m sure more than a few people bought a dozen trucks just to get out of the room.

By the time the S-Series was starting to reach its prime the International Harvester Company as it had been know for nearly a hundred years was slowly being spun off into the hands of its competitors. By 1986 the truck and engine segments were the only remnants of the former industrial titan. The S-Line was the little truck that could. It proved to be a product line that buoyed the bottom line of the newly formed Navistar through the turbulent economic times of the 1980s. By the standards of today these trucks are antiques but when compared to the models they replaced (Fleetstar, Loadstar, etc) they were straight from the future.

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It’s possible that I’ve shot this truck twice…..and came out with a slightly blurry photo each time. Things that make you go hmmmmm. Maybe it has an anti photograph force field in place.

Here is it is back in 2016 when it was sporting a red and black paint job.

And here it is just few days ago wearing its new all white paint job.

Now I’m just assuming they are the same truck as I can’t imagine Northshore Excavating has two identical steel nose DM in their fleet. I’ve poured over the photo and I can’t find any detail to suggest it’s not the same truck in both photos.

If you can find any differences let me know. I liked the red paint job better.

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International 9700

I recently came across a worn out copy of Owner Operator from 1988. Usually I would like to keep a magazine like this intact but it was so weathered that I figured I would slice it up for some of the cool truck related advertisements. With surgical precision I removed the staples, trimmed the pages and scanned them in for all to enjoy. The paper is a tad a thin and yellow after all these years but most of them came out decent.

Here we see the International 9700 billed as the only way to travel first class. I would gladly buy a ticket for a ride in one of these of an airline flight any day.

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Brockway Fuel Truck Duo

As a kid did you ever have a “spot the difference” activity book? Here is the classic truck version. While the two 358 model Brockways below are not the same truck they certainly have more than a few similarities.

I picked up the above photo on eBay while feeding a baby late at night. At the time I thought I might have found the original version of a truck I spotted at the 2018 National Brockway Truck show. After I took a full look at the photo when it arrived I realized it was a case of close but no cigar.

Clearly the two were cut from the same cloth and who knows, they might have even passed down the factory line one after the other.

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Western Star Heavy Hauler

The other day I came across a heavy haul load, a massive electric transformer, that had a pilot car in the front and the rear. I don’t have any pics of the truck doing the hauling but that’s okay because it wasn’t as cool as this Western Star of Charlebois Towing.

Trucks just look better with squared fenders, big hoods, and large grills. Hugh caught this truck awhile back as it was hauling a few dump bodies. Now that I’ve seen this photo I wonder what trucks make up the rest of the Charlebois Towing fleet? If you recall from many years ago they have a massive Freightliner twin steer tow truck.

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Number 6

This past August I was contacted by the people at regarding a list they compiled of the Top 50 Youtube Trucking channels. Good old Daily Diesel Dose came in number 6. While it might not be a major award that comes in a large wooden crate with Italian lettering on the outside I still treasure the attention.

This ranking caused me to reflect on some of the videos I created this year. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a few and share some behind the scenes information.

The Disappointment

This past construction season witnessed the complete demolition and rebuild of the east bounds lanes of I-690 that pass through the City of Syracuse. I whiffed on getting any coverage from the west bound lanes demolition the previous year so this video helped to ease my tortured soul. I thought I captured some really get action shots of the large steel support girders crashing to the earth along with equally nice concrete crushing action. I even dressed up the video with captions that looked like road signs. Sadly, this video crapped out a 935 views and has received almost no attention in the past few months.

The Well Rounded

This past summer I went on a whirl wind tour of trucking hunting with Ryan and a few other equally obsessed truck guys. One of ours stops brought to the collection of Paul Sykes. I was able to get some great shots of both the outside and the inside of his of 1959 Oshkosh W-2211. Short of seeing this truck plow snow I think the video turned out well for being shot a warm summer day. Plus I think my font take on the History Channel hit TV show,  Ancient Aliens, was out of this world. 😉

The Viral

This popularity of this video was a complete surprise to me and I was amazed to see the reaction it gathered it such a short period of time. With over 170,000 views, 546 comments, and over 2,000 like/dislike reactions, this video was by far my most popular of the year. Unfortunately this latest entry into the “Looking at Trucks” series became something of a lighting rod for the anti-government folks and cast a negative light on hard working DOT employees. Here are a few take aways from the smash hit, Government Surplus.

  1. People will not read the description or watch the video to learn why the truck in the title slide is cut in half but will instead post a comment asking “what happened?”
  2. Governor Cuomo is not popular on Youtube.
  3. While a truck can have a rear differential, hubs, rims, and tires this does not mean it has an axle. More than a few people were willing to share this fact with me but I only began to listen after the 100th comment.
  4. Every 3 out of 5 Youtube commentors is an experienced welder who could repair these trucks without breaking a sweat.

The Fun

The first early days of spring when the days are little longer and the nights a little warmer are always a welcome sight here the frozen tundra of New York. This time of the season is usually when classic rides begin to emerge from months of hibernation. In early May I stopped by to hang out with my buddy Dave and his Detroit powered Brockway 457. A magnetic mount for my GoPro allowed the camera to chill on the roof and again under the cab for up close access to parts of the truck rarely seen while running. The short introduction at the start with history of the truck and some vintage photos is a template I hope to mimic in the future on other videos. This video also did fairly well in the views department by racking up almost 16,000 hits in just a two month window.

So here is to 2019 and all that it can bring. Who knows, maybe there will be a new video series, Looking at Trucks with a Baby?

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Autocar Mondays – Cooking with Gas

While browsing ebay for old truck memorabilia I came across this slide of an Autocar tanker truck. I don’t know the exact make of the truck but it looks very similar to the a past Autocar Mondays truck, an A75T owned by Ray Arnold.

Ray’s truck was spec’d to haul the heavy loads while being a lightweight marvel. Looking at the two it’s hard to not see the shared features including bumper, fenders, and dual beam bumper mounted headlights. Both trucks even hauled similar liquefied natural gas loads. 

This particular Autocar was still hauling with best of them when this photo was snapped in 1984. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a ’65 model like Ray’s but I suppose we may never know for sure.

Do you have an Autocar truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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The 2018 Huskie Run

Well…..getting around to this video took much longer than expected! Honestly, I forgot I had footage of this event. What a crazy year it has been! I have much more for the Brockway show that I just never got around to processing. Hopefully we will see more of this show soon!

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