Pass Go to Christmas

Hey, guess what? Just 53 days until Christmas! Yeah, how about that. Halloween just ended and it’s time to get down to business and forget all about that other holiday where you eat food and fall asleep to a football game. All that holiday magic doesn’t take place with out some work behind the scenes. Here we see Clarence and ’74 Brockway helping to move a ’47 Brockway to a location where it will be used to sell wreaths and other holiday items. 

One old Huskie helping another. That’s the true spirit of the holidays.

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The Modern Mack

Along with all the vintage iron of Trucktoberfest there were plenty of brand new bulldogs hanging around the grounds of the Mack Museum. Off the beaten path in the back forty this impressive line up of the latest and greatest to wear the Mack name plate were lined up and just begging to be photographed. Most likely these are the very trucks seen in various advertising and official media releases.

I hope I don’t ruin the surprise but if you work for Braun’s Express you have some new trucks heading your way. I was able to squeeze seven into the frame but a sign in each windshield read “Do Not Ship Incomplete Order” so it sounds like there a few more on the way. 

A few Mack Defense vehicles were also hiding in plain sight. I like the utilitarian looks of that green camo one.

In the gallery below you’ll see a Mack Granite for Vulcan Materials. It has the resigned interior but I didn’t know this until I had walked away soooo, yeah. Take my world for it. Maybe the oddest duck in the flock was a Dimethyl Ether (DME) fueled Pinnacle. You might recall by visiting this old post from 2013 that DME was viewed (still is?) as the alternative fuel of the future. Here we are four years later and DME has yet to come into it’s own. Good things take time I suppose. 

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Macks on the Track

I bet some of you didn’t believe me when I said a Mack M18 made a few laps around the test track of the Mack Museum and Customer Center. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It was quite the sight to behold and one that I certainly never thought I would see. This year the Pedigree of Power parade had more than a few unique trucks in the mix including the last B-Model to ever roll off the production line(see video below) along with the last Superliner. Even the famous Wellington model FJ did a lap or two. You’ll see more of them in the next video. Until then, some more photos and a short video to get your attention.


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Trucktoberfest 2017

It’s time to start digging into some of the 200+ photos and videos I took while enjoy the 2017 Trucktoberfest at the Mack Truck Museum. While this first batch looks like your run of the mill parking lot truck show we’ll soon be enjoying the track festivities. Have you ever seen a Mack M18 take to the bank turns of a race course? If you were at trucktober fest you would have.

A pristine 1940 Mack EF


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The Mack Anthem

Usually when a new class 8 truck hits the street I don’t lay eyes on it for nearly a solid year after full production begins. Such is the burden of not having a direct connection to the trucking industry. This year Trucktoberfest was pushed back and happened to coincided nicely with the release of Mack’s latest OTR offering, the Anthem. No more waiting for me!

Join me as I take the five minute tour of this all new truck.

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Track Day

One of the best truck shows out there has to be the event hosted at the Mack Trucks Museum and Customer Center in Allentown, PA. For diehard Mack fans this show is as close as you will come to heaven while on this earth and to be honest, it’s pretty cool for just about everyone else. The best part of the day happens when the Pedigree of Power hits the test track. As I’ve often said before, it’s one thing to see trucks on display but it’s an entirely different experience to seem and hear them in motion. Just think of the vehicles that made test laps around this track. My hat is off to the folks at Mack who allow the average Joe a chance at running their tires over this piece of asphalt history.

Now on to the good stuff. Climb aboard Jeremy George’s 1974 359 at he takes a hot lap or too. Plenty more to come in the next few days from this event.

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Autocar Trucks – Alabama Autocar

Did you hear the news? Autocar Trucks is opening a second manufacturing plant in the Birmingham area. The 1 million square foot production facility will assemble the heavy duty cab forward Autocar trucks common found at work in the refuse collection industry. When complete, the 193 million dollar project will employ nearly 750 workers. This is great news for the country and the historic Autocar nameplate. 

Now if we could only convince them to start making a conventional model again….

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Plowing Furniture

I made my annual lunch time visit to the NYS Highway and Public Works expo the other day to catch a glimpse at all the new trucks and equipment made possible by taxpayers like you. As with any auto or trade event it can be challenging to take a decent photo with strange indoor lighting and of course the people. Who knew that a 10 wheel dump truck with plow gear was the perfect lounging device. You had guys sitting on the wing, leaning on the front blade, and laying on the hoods. Well, maybe not that last one but you get the point. I had to make a loop of the show over a dozen times just to get the few shots I did but hey, that’s part of the……fun. 😉

So this Kenworth T-470 with Tenco gear from the Town of Milo was a true stand out rig with its bright blue paint job. And, believe it or not, this comes with a manual trans. I’m not sure what I keep making a big deal out of that feature but it seems to be on the way out in all forms of modern trucks.

Now I’m not trying to put down Volvo, they make a nice looking truck but for some odd reason I never had any trouble snagging a shot of the VHD’s on display. Guess they aren’t as cool to lounge all over.

Outside, this uniquely wrapped T-470 was on display as an homage to the various military branches of the United States. Workers from the Town of Tonawanda spent countless hours assembling this truck to its final form as salute to veterans and their families.


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At the Dealer – TRE Open House 2017

There was more than just new plow trucks at the Tracey Road Equipment Open House last week. All manor of Western Star and Freightliner trucks were available for perusal including this new Cascadia for the ultimate grocery store, Wegmans. If you don’t have a Wegmans near you I can honestly say you have not lived. Anyway, this truck is the embodiment of the modern highway hauler with a completely redesigned interior that resembles a car more than a truck. A column mounted shifter hiding behind the steering wheel tells you all you need to know.So crisp. So new.

An entire lineup of heavy equipment was also on display.

I’ve even tossed a few other trucks from earlier visits just to make this a mega gallery.

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Autocar Mondays – Endless Sumer

Usually around this time of the year I start to mourn the end of truck shows and the warm weather. Not this year. The shows are still going on and the temperatures have been in the high 70’s and low 80’s for days now. We’re running a good 15 to 20 above average for this time of year. Fortunately we have some cool Autocars to look at from a show that took place in Virginia a few weeks back.

This 63 DC is one of my favorite styles of Autocar truck. The long rounded hood and front grill pair perfectly with the square pit style fenders. Exterior oil filters and large air cleaner suggest big power underneath the faded sheet metal.

Not to far down the row a 70 DC shows off a different take on tough with aluminium rims front and back, fiberglass fenders and a presumably aluminium frame as well. I’m just adlibing here but this truck seems to have more of a highway hauler look to it than it’s more vocational style brother up top.

Thanks to Jack for sending in these shots from the Somerset Steam and Gas pasture party. A few other trucks were there as well and we’ll take a look at those in the coming days.

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