Still Still Working – Diamond Reo Giant

Take a look at this old familiar face, it’s the Diamond Reo Giant that Dave spotted about five years ago! I happy to see it’s still out there working for a living without being beat to death. Thanks for keeping tabs on this truck Dave! Click here for the original post.

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NTEA 2020

With the Corona Virus specter hovering over the known universe more than a few large trade show have been outright canceled. This was not the case with the NTEA 2020, the work truck show. Over the past four years our friend Tom has provided some great coverage of the event. I agree with his statement that seeing this 4900XD for the Asheville, NC airport was more than enough reason for an road trip. 

And, as I have stated for the past four years. I really need to get to this show! 

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Long Live the Ford

Ya know, these old Fords really hang around don’t they? You have to think that Ford dropped the ball when they sold out to Daimler Benz especially since the company currently appears to be rudderless. Anyway, I love the low mounted side exhaust. Definitely not a factory option. 

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The Ultimate Test

I’m sure the folks at Western Star believe they make a seriously tough and thoroughly road tested rig. Without question the 4700 series chassis went through countless hours of real world testing before the model went into full production. But despite all those trials I’m here to tell you that toughest test has just begun. Below you see the newest truck in the City of Syracuse plow fleet. Truck 269, a Western Star 4700.

This is the first non International plow truck in the fleet since the days of Autocar DC and Make RM’s. Despite a low level of snow this year has been a hard one for the Syracuse fleet. Most trucks are over 10 ten years old and after the latest storm a fleet of 24 trucks was reduced to just 17 the next day. It got so bad that the NYS Thruway “loaned” the city two of their older trucks. The city has already approved one million dollars for ten new trucks that won’t be ready until next season. I’m not a truck a dealer but can 100,000 thousand really buy you a full equipped plow truck? Looking at this truck I have a feeling it was slated for Onondaga County DOT but was diverted as mutual aid.

Anyway, this 4700 will have it’s work cut out for it with Oregon Trail style streets, copious amounts of roads salt that will go unwashed all season, and drivers shooting at people.

Here is a look at the loaned out Thruway truck.

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AM General M818

I know that the updates to this site don’t come as quickly as they used to but that doesn’t mean I’m not out there gathering material. It’s the processing that takes the time. Plus Preston doesn’t like when I use the computer in his presence. He desperately wants to create his own post or just poke at the screen. Kids these days. It’s like they were born knowing how to use technology.

Anyway, here is a look at a AM General M818 from an Alex Lyon auction all the way back in July!

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At the Dealer – Lonestars for Everyone

Do you remember that episode of Oprah where the entire studio audience received a new car? No? Me either. But I do know that it happened. All 276 people in attendance received a brand new Pontiac G6. What a cruel joke to pull on everyone. I kid. When I first saw this row of day cab Lonestars I couldn’t help but I think of the Oprah episode I never saw. I could even hear her voice saying “You get a Lonestar! You get a Lonestar!” Funny how popular culture works isn’t it? Clip for reference purpose only.

Once I wiped the stars from my eyes I was able to focus on this Cummins powered HX. I can think of two potential futures for this truck based on the front bumper PTO setup. One, a snow plow. Two, a rear discharge mixer truck. The grayish color matches local industry titan Riccelli almost perfectly. When was the last time you saw one of those new in the wild? It’s all front discharge nowadays. Or so it seems.

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Macungie 2019 Revisted

I like looking at trucks. But I like looking at moving trucks even better. Here are some “leftovers” from the 2019 ATCA Macungie show. I really like showing up to Macungie Memorial Park on the later side of things so I can catch all the sweet sweet action of the loading zone. It’s like a show within a show.

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Detroit Diesel Mega Mix III

The name says it all.

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New Master?

For years, maybe even a full decade, the rumors have persisted that VW would enter the US heavy truck market by purchasing Navistar, parent company of International Trucks. The two firms already have a close relationship with VW holding a 16.6% interest in Navistar.

The other shoe finally dropped last week with VW offering 2.9 billion to purchase full control of Navistar. There is much to discuss with this offer among the board and of course the military contracts held by Navistar will come under scrutiny. With Mack and Freightliner already under foreign control the good folks at PACCAR will be the last American owned heavy truck company in North America.

For further ready visit this Heavy Duty Trucking article.

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Mack MD

Hey, look at that, Mack has a new medium truck, the MD.

The video above will tell you all you need to know about the new product line. If you like the Anthem styling you’ll like this truck. Personally I’ve never been a fan.

Mack is assembling this truck a new setup facility outside of Salem, VA. The MD is the only Mack of modern times built outside of Macungie, PA. It’s a sign of the modern truck industry that you can setup shop just about anywhere. As long your suppliers can find the loading dock you can assemble a truck. If you’re like me you probably have a bygone picture of massive integrated factories where engine blocks are cast, frames are squeezed from molten steel, and cabs are stamped into existence. Time to get with it!

Any bets on if we will see a Volvo medium duty truck in the near future?

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