Case Agri King

The Case AgriKing….now with 451 cubes! I’m sure it sounded better in the focus groups. Once again I’ve come across another bit of equipment that I can’t really tell what direction it is heading. There are plenty of abandoned tractors around these parts but the paint is too fresh and the weeds are too low to be truely forgotten about. With the subtraction of the cab glass this tractor has nearly become vandal proof.

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Government Surplus

By now you know I love kicking around the auction lots looking at trucks that I have no intention of bidding on or buying. With the attention I pay some of these trucks I’m sure I have convinced more than a few that I’m doing some serious homework and will be bidding hard and fast. But, more often than not, I leave before the hammer falls on the first lot!

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Carpenter Rigging

As usual, a few classics were on hand at the Tracey Road Equipment open house. How many? At least two. I can tell you for certain that this Hendrickson was one of them.

I’m fairly certain I saw this truck last year at Allied Spring at the start of its restoration process. Back then it was solid blue but now it has been repainted in the livery of Carpenter Rigging, a long time industrial rigging company of the Central New York area. Click here to see one of their Hendrickson delivering the annual Christmas tree to Clinton Square.

Anyway, I don’t believe this is the same truck due to the front hub configuration. My mind is blown that there were at least two Hendrickson trucks in the Syracuse area. The good old days indeed!

Anyway, I guess it might be hanging out at Tracey’s for an eventual display at the Annual Highway Expo slated to occur….today!

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Personal Truck Show

Tracey Road Equipment held their annual open house last week. Usually this is an event circled on my calendar but this year I wasn’t able to make it for a variety of reasons. Once the weekend rolled around I found myself with some free time so I stopped by to feed on the scraps and wound up be pleasantly surprised by a few of the trucks still on display.

I was able to cruise through the lot and never get out of my car. Nothing could be more American! Drive thru truck show….it might just be the next big thing.

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Autocar Mondays – Stay Strong

As I’ve stated before I’m an optimist when it comes to old trucks. While some might seen an old truck fading away I see a truck that is just ready for restoration. I certainly hope I’m right when it comes this old Autocar.

Ed spotted “Big Blue” a few weeks ago in Gloucester, Mass and despite the pouring rain just had to stop and take a picture or two.

The rounded grill up front puts this truck in the mid 60’s at the most. Despite the rough edges this truck is still an attention getter and let us hope it gets the attention it deserves.

Thanks for the photos Ed!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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International COF-5370

The COF-5370 was introduced in 1976 and has the unique claim as being the only new truck introduced by International that year. This is a notable event as during the 1970’s the International truck line was extremely diverse with a wide variety of legacy trucks still being offered along with the next generation of trucks starting to emerge in the form of the S-Series.

At first glance you might be inclined to refer to the COF-5370 as a Cargostar but in all regards this model eclipsed its lighter brother. From the start the 5370 was designed to accept the largest bore diesels of the era and was exclusively 6×4. With a GVW rating in the range of 50,000 to 70,000 life in the refuse industry was the near exclusive domain of this model. But, as you can see from this photograph there are many roads that lead to hard and heavy work. Outback a 8,000 gallon fuel tank produced by SNVI of Montreal, Quebec resides. A specially mounted exhaust system beneath the cab speaks to work as an aircraft refueler.

If you have the book International Trucks by Fredrick Crismon you’ll seen an exact clone of this truck on Page 503. Who knows, it might be the exact truck!

Thanks to John for sharing this photo!

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Autocar Mondays – 1959 DC102

Someday I’ll make it down to the Gerhart’s All Mack Truck event but until then I can count on the kindness of strangers to share photos of some of the great trucks. While the show is titled as “all Mack” all brands of classic trucks are welcome. While Mack is clearly the native truck son of Pennsylvania we can’t forgot about the other brand that called the Keystone state home for many decades.

Here we see a 1959 DC102 powered by a 250 Cummins with a 4×4 Fuller trans your gear mixing pleasure. 

Check out this awesome interior. Autocars of the era had one of the best looking setups of the time if you ask me. Check out the low air “wig wag”. Vintage cool.























Thanks to Brian for the great share!

Make sure to check out this beastly DC200 also seen at Gerhart’s a few years back.

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Still Working – Ford 8000 Fire Truck

Do you run a quad cab pick with a tool box out back? Amateur. This how you do it. Find and old fire truck, rip out the pumps, and you’ll have yourself the baddest truck in the Home Depot parking lot this side of the Mississippi.

Just take a look at how easy it holds that lumber. It even has convenient strap down points and removable sides for easy loading and unloading.

Ram, GMC, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan……are you listening?


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Kenworth W990

Did you hear the news W900? You’re going to be a big brother. With an eye to the future Kenworth has pulled the wraps off the W990, the truck that will certainly become the long hood embasador of the brand for generations to come. While company representatives are quick to note that the W900 is going nowhere anytime soon it doesn’t take a large imagination to envision the future of these two trucks.

Built on the same cab platform as the T680 and T880 the new W by KW is bigger, longer and 6 to 7 perecent more aerodynamic than its long lived predecessor. Head on over to FleetEquipmentMagazine to get the full details by clicking here

As for my opinion? I’ll stick with an International HX. 😉

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Autocar Mondays – Double the Autocar

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. I consider this photograph proof that I was in one of those places.

On the left, the 1972 DC9364 owned by Don Berch. On the right, the 1984 AT64 owned by Jim Rymes. Both trucks have been featured in Autocar Mondays before but here we have them together for the first time. What a couple!

From this angle you catch a glimpse of the trailers these two rigs pull to the show. No trailer queens here! Autocars are ready for work and show at the same time. Don’s truck has a great looking 1958 Rodgers 30 ton while Jim’s Autocar is hooked to more modern Landoll.

A picture perfect duo.

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