Plow Round Up

Time to enjoy an old standard of Daily Diesel Dose in which we just look at a random collection of snow fighting rigs.

This first truck is a 4×4 unit with Henderson equipment. I spotted this truck behind United Radio where it was waiting for, you guessed it, a radio system. Typically the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County send their equipment to location. Based on color of the cab I lean toward the county for this truck but then again the city has been receiving a bunch of new equipment recently so you might as well flip a coin….and then you could still be wrong.

International Workstar 4x4

Heading home from the Tracey Road Equipment open house I came across this beast wearing Henderson door stickers. I guess the Henderson reps thought better of bringing a Mack product to a Freightliner/Western Star dealer? Cool unit either way with what appears to be some sort of roll-off system.

Henderson Spreader

Returning from picking pumpkins with the wife we passed by the Onondaga County Marcellus Maintenance garage. A large collection of seemingly older plow blades were outside for all to see so I made sure to grab a photo. In my mind I imagined these blades being hooked to a Walter busting drifts in the hills that surround the area. I doubted that there were any trucks mighty enough left in the fleet to handle these blades but was told that a pair of AWD Paystars have been modified for the V’s when nature calls. Good enough for me!

Frink V-Plow

The gallery dump. In order of appearance. Autocar ACL for Town of Preble, NY. International WorkStar Town of Lake Placid, NY. Kenworth T-800 Tompkins County. Western Star 4700 Town of Lysander, NY. Oneida County Highway Department Freightliner M2-112, Town of Georgetown, NY International WorkStar. Unknown International WorkStar. Town of Manlius, NY International WorkStar. International 2574 Town of Marcellus, NY.

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  1. Mike Blais says:

    On the V plows, that is the later Frink insignia, maybe some of the last ones made?

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