NYS Highway and Public Works Expo 2016

Last week one evening I was standing in front of my sink washing dishes when and a thought crossed my mind. When is that show at the NYS Fairgrounds that features new snow plows? It’s sometime in the spring right? And then it dawned on me that no, it is not in the spring, but the fall. I ran to my computer and and did a quick search fearing that I was too late but like Scrooge walking up on Christmas Day I found there was still time to change. The highway expo was in two days.

Snow Plows

As in previous years the Center of Progress was packed with new trucks from all the major players. I won’t pretend to understand half of what I saw inside or outside of the building. We all know I just go for the trucks. Around these parts the majority of plows rigs come from Western Star, Mack or International so it was refreshing to see this Kenworth T470 with a SBA on display.

Peterbilt snow plow

And there was so much more. More than can be pictured with what time and crowds would allow.

Past Highway Expos of 2014 and 2015

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