Plows, Plows and More Plows

The local heavy duty spring shop has been a real gold mine of plow spotting recently. Of course, this is usually the case no matter the time of the year. Fortunately for me it happens to be on my path home from many activities so it’s easy for me to keep tabs on what is going on.

Last week there happened to be this Western Star 4800 6×6 for the Onondaga County DOT.


And Just yesterday there happened to be and older International 2674. When I first drove by the shop on Tuesday evening the truck was lined up outside the fenced in area which usually means (I think) the work on the truck is complete and ready for pickup. I didn’t have my camera on me (rookie move) so I had to wring my hands and move on. I never would have guessed the truck would still be sitting on the lot come Wednesday but there it was!


The final truck in today’s collection is something of an old ball. It’s an older Model Autocar sporting a Town of Amboy Highway Department seal. Underneath the seal you can see the old lettering for the Town of Manlius Highway Department. The mystery deepens as this truck was spotted working on some sort of sewer project in the city of Syracuse! I guess someone forgot to scrape the old decals from the doors before auction.


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3 Responses to Plows, Plows and More Plows

  1. Joe says:

    Great shots Eric. If the spring shop you refer to is Allied Spring, you are right on about it being a great resource for truck pictures. I used to frequent there myself years ago. Do they still have that old Fleetstar 2000D yard tractor?

    Thanks for posting those Onondaga Co. trucks. That Western Star 6×6 is a beast! It must be a new one, either a 2013 or 2014. At the end of last year, they only had one of those, truck No. 192. That old International No. 89 is one of the 2001 models still in service. Ryan has a couple of shots of this truck up on his Flickr page.

    I remember that old Manlius Autocar too. They took delivery of it around the time we got our new ones at the Town of Sullivan, 1991-1992. It seems Amboy picks up quite a few second hand units. They just auctioned an old, ex-Oswego County Paystar tandem a few months back. When I worked at Sullivan, we picked up some used equipment from Manlius as well and Cazenovia got some stuff from us, etc. Not sure how much that still goes on but with municipalities turning equipment sooner now, it seems it would be a good resource for the smaller towns & villages with limited budgets.

  2. Joe says:

    Correction. The ex-Amboy/ex-Manlius Autocar is a 1989 model and was auctioned just this past June, 2013. It has a Cummins NTC-290 with a Fuller 8LL transmission.

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