Pregaming in most cases involves drinking large amounts of alcohol outside of your sports stadium of choice but in my world it means taking the back roads to a truck show and stopping roughly every ten minutes take pictures of, you guessed it, trucks.

My journey to the 2019 ATCA Northeastern PA classic truck show began on the back roads of Madison County.

Munro Trucking just outside of Cincinnatus, NY had an interesting fleet of older trucks in the lot including three Superliners and Kenworth A-Model (not pictured). Further down the street there was yet another collection of Macks and other heavy equipment spread across multiple lots.

Check out the large scraper bowl hanging in the weeds.

This Mack might require some engine work but the access is easy!

And believe it or not there was sooo much more along this one little stretch of road. I wish I had taken more photos but I didn’t want to seem like more of a creeper than I already was. The trip back turned up a few cool rigs as well. Check back tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Pre-Game

  1. Ed Vanderwall says:

    Always enjoy your postings. Many you photograph ran when they were parked, never to move again. Each must have an interesting story that probably starts with, ” I’ll get around to it later.”

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Matt says:

    Do you have any more images of the pull scraper. I believe it’s a very rare Bucyrus -Eire
    Model that would have been matched to a International TD-24 crawler equipped with a duel drum cable PCU.
    Back in the day B-E was an allied equipment manufacturer for IH they made dozer and pull scrapers .
    That scraper and the TD-24 were known
    Affectionately as the Big-Red team.
    Obviously when both were painted in a red scheme .
    Nice find.

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