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I saved the best for last. On the way back from the Harford show I came across this old IH Fleetstar. I had actually seen it on the way out but I was going to fast to turn around without possibly flipping my vehicle.

Halfway through my journey home I decided to take a different route and quickly came across this collection of heavy equipment parked upon a hill. The age of the pull scraper has come and gone as far as I know. Too bad. They look cool.

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  1. Jake S. says:

    The age of the pull scraper isn’t quite over. There is an outfit near me that uses custom built scrapers and giant Cat Challengers. My understanding is the outfit, Nick Kosteki Excavation, is the largest fleet operator of Cat Challenger tractors, owning 39 tractors (and one John Deere). His custom scrapers are made by NDK Scrapers.

  2. david l sellars says:

    Yes, I admit to being weird and old fashioned. A Cat and can will excavate, haul, place, in in many cases, compact all with one operator. True, maybe not as fast, but if you don’t have a big job, probably cheaper…..
    I have a Cat #80 can designed for use with a Cat D8-2U and a LeTourneau LS. The Cat needs a front tire/flap/tube or the whole wheel tire assembly ( 21:00 X 24, 20 ply) which two of these in the picture may have. Hope they don’t get scrapped as there is a
    market, but if they do, someone please let me know.

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