Pride & Polish at the Broome County Fair

I am proud to present the photos from the truckers parade held at the Broome County Fair last weekend. Thank you for your patience. I attended this event for the first time last year and was impressed with the variety of trucks and the access to the action. The show this year did not fail to deliver and once again the variety of rigs and people were outstanding thoroughly proving that last year was no fluke. Even the weather was great.

Peterbilt Custom Semi

A healthy mix of old and new.

International 9670

And custom.

Kenworth Custom Semi

This year for the truck pull segment a pair of maxed out high horsepower Kenworths made the trip from Vermont. Between the two I believe they were producing a little under 4,000 HP. Crazy! I’ve never seen the sled go near sideways before. Check out the video below.

And the glamour of still shots. Check back tomorrow for part 2!

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