Record Breaking Attendance

If Darth Vader drove a semi truck with a headache rack it would like this.


Yes, here we go again with more 2015 ATHS York coverage. If you’re bored don’t worry, we are nearing the end…of photo coverage but no where near close when it comes to video. The Gus Propper family brought a whole slew of rigs to the show including those great looking B-Model Mack dump trucks and the trucks you see below.

R-Model Mack with sleeper

You can see the Mack from above, a sweet looking Peter and a ’59 B-61 with sleeper in the video below.

You may recall this jaw dropping International Transtar II from the cabover madess coverage of last month. Now you can listen to it growl in real life. One can only imagine the sound it makes while running flat out down the open road.

And many more.

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