Where the Plows At?

Can you believe the last time plow related trucks graced the pages of Daily Diesel Dose it was May 14th? Insane! Time to get back my roots. I’ve had some decent plow photos pile up over the past few months with all the truck shows and other summer fun time activities. Here we have a Kenworth T-800¬†with massive plow gear and an equally large spreader body. Government plates are found on this bad boy suggesting a life spent on runways of the local Air National Guard base.

Kenworth C-500 Snow Plow

More stuff heading to the auction lot for the New York State Thruway. This old Mack was seen sitting near a row of new Western Stars and International WorkStar crew cabs. It’s still wearing Thruway logos but it’s only a matter of time before it is stripped down like the old 2574 right behind it. That dump body looks really nice so I’m guessing it won’t be going with the truck.

Mack RD Snow Plow

I spotted this presumably new Mack Granite for the Town of Cicero at the dealer a few weeks back. I would later see it at the local commercial truck tire shop. New trucks are expensive in more way than one.

Mack Granite Snow Plow

Here is everyone’s favorite mini me truck, the International TerraStar complete with wing.

International Terrastar

And so much more! WorkStars, WorkStars, WorkStars! Georgetown, Brookfield, Parish, Marcy, all towns that at one time had monorails.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this truck from the Town of Clay wearing spokes upfront for that retro look.

Freightliner Plow Rig

Might as well share these Star Car (plus 1 Volvo) photos as well. Man, I had really fallen behind! Town of Reading, Constantia, Freetown and Ostego.

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