Remembering GMC Heavy Trucks

There once was a time when GM offered a complete lineup of trucks that reached from pickups to Class 8 big rigs. As the decades passed competition became fierce and little by little GM retreated from the market place. By the late 80’s the only “heavy” truck left on the commercial roster was the Topkick/Kodiak. By the time the trucks below entered production it was clear GM no longer had the desire or vision to compete with the other exclusive medium duty truck builders like International and Freightliner. In 2009 production ceased after deals with two potential buyers (Isuzu and Navistar) collapsed.

I never found the final generation of 4500/5500 truck to be all that attractive but for some reason I was drawn to this tow truck. This has to be the longest wheelbase Chevy C6500 I have ever seen. It belongs to Roosevelts Towing and Recovery.

Chevy C6500 – Click to Enlarge

Following the towing theme here is the rebadged brother of the C6500 wrecker wearing a Jerr-Dan rollback. I believe this truck belongs to Walt’s Automotive Service.

GMC 5500 – Click to Enlarge

Some will argue that these rigs represent a depressing and sad end to a line of trucks that had so many great nameplates and configurations. They are probably right but sometimes you have to love the one you’re with.

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2 Responses to Remembering GMC Heavy Trucks

  1. Clarence Ritchie says:

    Eric, I have a 2004 GMC7500, 33000gvw dump truck. After putting a half millon miles on single axle GMC’s in the last 30 years, from a 72 C50 ,a 78 C65, a 85 TopKick, 88 Brigidier to the 7500 I must say it is by far the best one of the bunch. My only complant is the C7 acert cat engine. The $5400 heuy pump repairs at 60
    k miles and lack of throttle response stink! Just one more truck for you to drive
    when you come up to check out the B collection.

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