S-Series Madness

Part of the fun of having your own website doesn’t come from the constant need to update plugins, apply patches, fix things broken by patches and updates. No, it comes from being able to do what ever you want. For instance, this entire post of nothing but S-Series and S-Series derived trucks.

Like this tanker presumably still employed by the U.S. Government.

Just as good looking in dump truck form.

Or how about this International LoPro? Who would post this on a website not dedicated to selling it! It’s such an overlooked truck that I didn’t even bother watermarking it. It’s never gonna get pinched and uploaded to one of those crazy trucking groups. I still like it though.

Alright, coming back down to reality, the tried and true 4900. It’s been decades since they have rolled out the factory and you still don’t have to look hard to find them. Even up here in the Northeast where rust instantly destroyed the door sills and rocker panels. This one however has escaped unscathed.

A single stack International with a window in the back.


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2 Responses to S-Series Madness

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    Eric, this is a old Air Force P-26. SEMO is the company that made the 5000 gal. water tank. The new P-26s are 4000 gallon. All are 4×6 wheel drive. The P -18 is a 6×6 International Paystar 5000 /KME 3000 gal with pump included. A real beast. They came desert tan, OD green, safety yellow/ green. I don’t think that I have ever seen one red.

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