Snowplow Stalking 2014 Season

To the horror of many winter has returned to my part of the world. There will be much cursing and shaking of heads for the next four to five months. I will usually join the ranks of the fed up around mind February but until that time I will admit that a part of me does enjoy the snow and the plows that come with it. Unlike last season I’m not wasting any time grabbing the shots that you all clamor for.

Below we an International WorkStar, a Freightliner M2 112V, A Volvo VHD behind the Freightliner and if you look really close a Freightliner 114SD behind the WorkStar. All were seen at the North Area Maintenance¬†Facility of the Onondaga County DOT. There is a wide variety of trucks that ran from this garage including Sterlings, at least one Kenworth and a handful of International 2674’s.

In the gallery below you will find a pair of NYS DOT Mack Granites, a Autocar AT64F fromt the Town of Sullivan and an International WorkStar from the Syracuse City School District.

More to come as the winter grinds on!

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  1. Joe says:

    Great shots Eric. I especially like the one from my Alma Mater! I tried to identify who was driving, but a lot of the guys I worked with have retired now so…

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