Still Working – Autocar Construcktor

Fall appears to be the time of year I cross paths with this particular Autocar Construcktor. Regular visitors may recall this truck from a December posting last year when it was caught working on a sidewalk replacement job. Once again the weather has turned cold and this Autocar has returned to the job site. I practically jumped out of moving vehicle when I saw this truck on my ride into work this morning.

Autocar Construcktor

Autocar Construcktor – Click to Enlarge

White Trucks was really onto something with the Construcktor name. A real “I see what you did there” kind of name. I really enjoy the flat black paint job on the hood, simple yet effective for both style and safety.

Autocar Construcktor

Autocar Construcktor – Click to Enlarge

Do you know of an old truck that is still earning it’s keep?  Email Me!

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2 Responses to Still Working – Autocar Construcktor

  1. Andy says:

    I just found this site today… going backwards I’m not sure if you have photos of them. There is that fella that has a small fleet of these in East Syracuse call Autocar Construction.

    You have a nice little page here!


    • Eric says:

      I do have some photos of their fleet but I have yet to post them. Really nice looking trucks. They seem to run they later model Autocars now instead of the older DC models.

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