Still Working – Diamond Reo Dump Trucks

Dave C. sent me this pair of Diamond Reo dump trucks for the latest entry into the Still Working category. Employed by M. Scavello Inc these two dump truck see regular action in the King of Prussia, PA area. Model info and specifications are unknown but they appear to be in very good shape. No rust above the windshield on a White Corporate Cab is always a good sign.

Diamond Reo Dump Truck

On the topic of Diamond Reo could we be on the verge of seeing a resurgence in the storied nameplate? Head on over to the T-Line Trucks website and have a look around. A brand new cab for their line of specialty trucks is in the works. Checking out their Facebook page you’ll see the company gauging interest on a special run of Raider trucks. This group of 50 trucks would be identical to the original model in every way except for the use of the new Driver II cab. I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty awesome. Hopefully the interest and money is out there!

Thanks again Dave!

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