Truck Hits Overpass

Yesterday a roll off truck went under and overpass. Nothing really out of the ordinary here except this truck had its boom in the raised position. As you can imagine the end result was less than optimal. Looking at the photo below you can see the tear created in the metal supports directly to the left of the telephone pole. I’m really surprised at how thin thin the metal appears to be in this support. In reality I’m sure it’s plenty thick but I always assumed these beams were of heavier stock.


The poor Mack Granite and its boom didn’t fair all that well. If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see that the right rear axle was sheered off and now resides in the bed of the company pickup. LTS Enterprises was called to haul away the disabled bulldog.


No word yet on exactly why the boom was up at the time of the accident. The driver received no external injuries but was taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. I guess roll off trucks don’t have a light in the cab to indicate the boom is raised? Make sure you head over to for a lively discussion on the classification of the truck as well as more photos.

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