Still Working – GMC General Cement Truck

Look! It’s another GMC General for Cortland Ready-Mix! We saw one of these a few months ago when The Saunders Companies did some house cleaning. As I often do when driving my eyes are constantly scanning the surrounding area for cool trucks. I happened to spy this one from 1-81 while doing 65 MPH. Eagle Eyes is my new call sign.

GMC General Cement Truck

As a happy bonus it was parked next to a nice looking Mack DM.

Cortland Ready Mix

Now a question for the GMC experts. Was there  a difference between the GMC Generals like this one and the models that wore the 5 star emblem? After watching Highway Thru Hell last season the narrator kept referring to the old General of the fleet as “The Five Star” General. I thought perhaps this was an attempt at being clever but now I wondering if the stars really mean something.

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  1. Joe says:

    I noticed this truck when I was up over Labor Day. I thought the one you posted from the auction was this one but was surprised to see it still at the Cortland yard. Thanks for taking these and sharing! I have to dig out my pictures of Cortland Redi-mix’s old Brockways soon.

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